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Diet Funk is pretty awesome, but Sigma 9, why?

It doesn't really stick with me.
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too fussy, i like your ideas though, make the dates bigger and more visible, and try and get a house style, stick to the same fonts and such.
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Graphic designer here.
Rule of thumb is one serif font (like Times New Roman, Georgia, etc), one sans serif font (like Arial, Helvetica, etc), and maybe one display font (something wacky looking) or one script font (cursive) per piece. Consolidating fonts to do this will help it a lot.

Fonts to specifically avoid: Papyrus (used in the kings of Oblivion logo), Comic Sans, Cracked, and Trajan.

Also, your alignments are off. Anything you have left align, try to have the left edges match up vertically. Avoid centering text if you can.

Try those things and repost, it'll look a lot less awkward.
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