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Alright, so my band plays out in Fort Worth a decent amount. There's one venue we play which we pull undoubtedly our highest numbers (Our 'home turf" if you will). And rightfully so, the venue we pull the best at has the best facilities, sound, and lighting out of everywhere else we played, and is one of the more prestigious places in Fort Worth, so more people are willing to come out.

Our problem is going to other venues. We've noticed to run into a slight trap as far as branching out is concerned. At our best venue we can pull 50 minimum, but then when we play another venue that's slightly further down the road we'd be pushing hard to get HALF that number. What would be the best marketing decision in this case? Do we play that smaller venue more and keep promoting until our numbers there increase? (That seems like it could be challenging when venues are usually reluctant on booking you if you don't pull well.) Or is the best option to keep playing the strongest card, just spanned out to where the shows are more effective/profitable, in a quality>quantity fashion? I know there's nights where everything is going to go great and some nights where they just wont, but I don't wanna risk losing a contact with a venue because we for some reason couldn't "bring the business". Thanks in advance.

tl;dr - Inconsistent draw in different venues in same city. Only play best venue or keep pumping shows in smaller-drawn venue?

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I would definitely pick quality > quantity. I would rather one venue know me for a great turnout than a bunch of venues know me for a sub-par one.
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Find some other bands that are playing the other venues that are drawing a good crowd. Get on the same show as them, and vice versa and they can come play with you at your "home stage". So you share a fan base basically. And ideally you'll always being playing to a good crowd that way.
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Find bands that draw well in another area and see if you can help each other out with shows.
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Some people will go see their favourite bands no matter what venue they're playing or who they're playing with. Others are a little more selective – they want to know they're getting a really good show and not wasting their time and money. Considering there are so many indie bands fighting for the attention of consumers, and most people don't have enough time and money to go out to shows every week, the vast majority of your fans will probably be the second type, at least until you get famous.

There's no question here, one really good show is always better than a few mediocre shows.