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Okay, call me crazy but...

I was wondering, for all those grunge and punk bands to have been really poor (especially the grunge bands...), how the hell did they get their equipment?

You can Internet slap me if you think this is a dumb question lol

But really, if those guys were so broke, how the hell did they get, let's say, PA monitors and sh*t?

For you Nirvana fans, if you watch that WTLO dvd, you'll see Chad loading speakers and amps and stuff into the van, but seriously they didn't have any money, so wtf?

Has anybody else ever thought of this?
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I think when you get a record deal the record company gives you a couple thousand dollars to spend on gear but I'm not so sure.
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Either they buy the equipment and write it off on taxes, or sponsorship.

PAs are usually owned by the venue.
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there are alot of stories out there that many grunge and underfunded musicians like hendrix got their instraments from pawn shops and consignment places. They say that hendrix traded his bike for a guitar, im not sure if that's true but that is the story. I would have to guess though that most of them played really crappy gear bummed from friends or they worked a job for like a month and bought stuff then. They then later would get money if signed to a label to buy their own stuff. I know cobain favored the Jazzmasters and Jaguars because he got one from a pawn shop and loved it. Thats pretty much what i have heard on the subject. hope this helps.

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Since when did the grunge genre mean you had to be poor? The punk and grunge style was just a way of rejecting the "establishments" way of doing things, I don't think having or not having money played a role in it. With that logic, the second any of them got a record deal and become successful they wouldn't be playing grunge music anymore or be allowed to wear flannel shirts and riped jeans, but BattleCry is right, when you get signed you get a allowance to go buy new equipment. I heard Tom Morello talk about that once, how they got there equipment check and went straight to guitarcenter and bought a bunch of stuff they didnt need and never really ended up using.
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Quote by ak10
Since when did the grunge genre mean you had to be poor?

I knew someone would bring this up *sigh*, I was pretty much just generalizing those musicians, but anyways, I highly doubt they were rich by any means.
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A P.A. isn't uber expensive if you have 4 guys in a band to split the cost. plus Cobain like sonic youth used short scale or offset fenders because they were out of style and could be purchased cheap.
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A lot of the poverty and other elements that characterized grunge artists as so "authentic" wasjust mythology developed to sell an image just like any other movement in rock music.

I think that covers about 90% of the bands that we might ask this question about.

When musicians really are in poverty, well you know not all stolen gear ends up at the pawn shop.
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Even if you're broke you can still have nice gear. No one I've ever known just goes out and drops $5,000 on a new set-up, it's all aquired over time.
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In the scheme of things, gear doesn't cost that much. It does cost a lot but compared to the real measures of wealth, such as houses, it doesn't even come close.

So it's possible to have nice gear while renting a cheap flat in a bad part of town and still coming under the definition of "poor".