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How can I get that Dookie Era Billy Joe Armstrong guitar sound?
What amp and/or effects could get me that sound
my main guitar is a Fender Strat with Seymour Duncan SR-1 in the bridge position (I only use the bridge position)
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I'm pretty sure he used a modded Marshall SLP head and a Duncan JB pickup for that sound.

Luckily, if you're after that tone, and if budget is an issue, there are many other, much cheaper amps that can get you a similar tone.

This probably belongs in GG&A though
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Just turn your amp up to get some power tube gain then turn your gain up a little bit. they don't use very much.
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Billy Joe used a JCM800 in the studio when they recorded Dookie, in fact it as the same head that Rancid used when they recorded some of the songs for ...And Out Come The Wolves.

He was a using his blue Fernandes Strat copy:

Looks like it's always had a humbucker in the bridge. In some picks a Duncan logo is visible. From wikipedia "Cole gave Armstrong a Bill Lawrence Humbucking pickup and told him to install the pickup in the bridge position. After the pickup was destroyed at Woodstock '94, Armstrong then switched to the Duncan JB model."

So he would have been using the Bill Lawrence pickup for recording Dookie. Overall, the Dookie tone is kind of thin and trebley.
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Strat with a JB in the bridge, into a Marshall. (As said above, a JCM 800 would work).
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