today i received a s/s/s hard ash stratocaster body, un-sanded, the first thing i did was fill the neck pickup and middle pickup cavity with wood filler, will be making a dutch for the control cavity and extending the bridge pup cavity. yeah, a lot of body work, will be rear routed for the volume control, and i'll have a tiny little kill switch mounted on the side or top end of the output jack plate. i haven't got a guitar with a floyd so i'm going to acquire one of those systems for fun.

the neck it just a maple/maple squier neck, i took that logo off and re-finished it, going to make up my own waterslide decal or colour code the headstock like those 80s contemporary strats, that's kinda the look and feel i'm aiming at.

i'll keep updating this as i make progress, it might even end up with a black&yellow frankie finish, we'll see.

Part of me is wondering why you didn't just buy a body already suitable for the job!

Just worried that the filler and making it rear-routed will sacrifice some of your tone.

However, I fully back the idea I love those contemporary strats!
I'll be watching this.
You should've routed the pickup area square and then filled it with a piece of hardwood. Wood filler is not very structurally sound compared to real wood and it's really only good for small corners and cracks.
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so i've dug out the old woodfiller, because turns out it seperates with age and didn't cure.
so i routed out the pickup cavity, and filled it with a snug fitting piece of hardwood, and i filled the control cavity with the offcuts from my tele project, then filled the gaps with two part filler, it started drying really fast and i'll start sanding it tomorrow, then routing the new cavity and beginning to apply sanding sealer.

Looking Good!

Something on the Headstock of the neck bothers me, I think It may just be perspective?
It looks really fat.
..I was watching my death.
I think its a combo of the angle of the shot and the fact that squiers have those bigger headstocks.

Imo reshape it, but thats down to personal preference. lookin good though.
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I like the fat 50's style headstocks
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Everything's looking great! I'm glad you filled the cavity. It looks much better now. I like the fat headstock too.
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Okay, so i've decided on what direction i want to take this in, i did this up on kisekae, sorry about the lack of cropping, i don't have paint.
anyway, kisekae doesn't have a rails pup so i just put cream on there for giggles.

i doubt i'll relic it, i just wanted to see what it would look like after i abuse the bejesus out of it.
ordered pickguard material today aswell as a wilkinson/gotoh vs-100n bridge, not going to worry about a floyd.

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