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Peavey 5150 II head and marshall JCM900 4x12 - $950 Boston MA. or trade for almost any tube combo. I will not ship. Free cables and NS-2.

never mind....
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Jackson Dk2m
Peavey 5150 II
Marshall 1960a
Kramer Focus 1000
Dunlop Crybaby
Hardwire Tuner
Boss NS-2

Red Bear 120 $50/$600
2003 epiphone explorer in good condition. $350 to buy, but looking to trade for somthing high up with my adding some $$$$ on top!
2012 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic
2001 Schecter C-1 Classic
2007 Yamaha APX500
Vox AC15CC1 w/ Eminence Tonkerlite
Assorted Pedals!

All for sale!

Call me Matt!
I am selling my Dean ML Knight and Epiphone SG G-310. Both come with hard cases. The Dean is for $550 and the SG is for $180. The Dean is Matte black with some sweat spots and needs to be set up. The SG is ebony and has very little signs of playing. Thanks for looking, prices are firm and shipping details are done by the buyer. Again, thanks for looking!
08 fender american deluxe ash tobacco sunburst 100% new not a single scratch for sale and a egnater rebel 30 112 used for about an hour for sale.
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Selling an upgraded MIM Strat. Looking for $275

hey man what kind of pickups you put in
I'm selling a Grendel Dead Room isolation cabinet. It's got a WGS V30 (8ohm) speaker in it, but it's easy to swap out any speaker you wish. It can have 2 mics simultaneously. It comes with 1 mini gooseneck, 1 shorty XLR, and is in mint condition. Perfect for a home studio. $300 Firm..local pickup only, Chicagoland area.

web review with pics:

Here are HC reviews:
I am selling a Schecter Stiletto Extreme 5 Electric bass. Great condition, I've had it for about 6 months. HARDSHELL CASE INCLUDED. I Need to sell this. It's $330 shipped, Or offers.
Selling my Taylor 214, 2009 model. Perfect condition. looking to get 600 or best offer. Want to buy a mini martin ac/elec or taylor gs mini, only reason for selling. In NY, trying not to ship, trades welcome
I'm looking for a black or black/cream F-spaced Dimarzio Norton. Ideally, I'd like to trade my Tone Zone for it, but I'd also be interested in purchasing for a fair price.

Peavey 4x12MS cab - unloaded - $90
Big muff is brand new i won it in a contest and don't need it i'll sell it with shipping included for 70 and i'll sell my crybaby for 50 with shipping no problems only spot there is cosmetic wear is on the bottom plate
2008 Fender Mex Tele
1994 Fender Japan Jazzmaster
2009 epiphone dot limited edition
personally build gibson sg junior
1974 Fender Pro reverb
2001 Fender Blues deville 4x10
TS-808 Ibanez tubescreamer
EH big muff
hate to part with this but I need money. I think its a 2009 model Transparent Black Sunburst. Here is a link. Ill get the serial if anyone is interested.

In very very very good condition. I need at least a grand, dont try to ask.

But actually would prefer some cash and a different metal guitar.

Ibanez, Jackson, Charvel. If you have something and want to work out a deal pm me.
Trading/selling my Jackson Professional Soloist.

Looking for $750-$800 (hardshell case included), or for some Jackson, BC Rich, Ibanez, ESP, etc. guitar. Open to all offers.

  • Agile AL-3XXX Custom Tobacco Sunburst w/ EMG 57/66
  • ESP LTD EC-1000T CTM Black w/ Seymour Duncan Blackouts
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  • Seymour Duncan 805 Overdrive
  • Dunlop OG Crybaby Wah
  • MXR Smartgate
I've got a B.C. Rich retro blade, red, 4 months old with Dimarzio pickups. $400 + shipping costs. Does not have case, was planning on shipping in parts, if you want it shipped with a case then you will have to tell me which one to buy and add to overall cost.

Note:shipping is A LOT cheaper if shipped in pieces(neck and body) At least I think so. I live in KY, so contact me at if interested.
You need a place to post deals from stores. Every time someone mentions a deal offered by a store they are banned. I know for a fact there are places online that you can buy new gear for less than some of the prices you allow members to post for used gear. If you were really a guitar players friend you would allow all posts for gear and let the people decide for themselves where they want to get their gear from. Just a thought. Not trying to make any enemies.
Here's the stuffs fo' sale. all of it's negotiable.
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Looking to get rid of...
line 6 1x12 120 watt combo amp
Epiphone les paul studio(with alot of wear and tear)
Ibanez RG series...idk what the exact model I will look it up it's really amazing tho
estaban acoustic
jay turser double meck guitar
and a boss distortions pedal

All I want in return is one thing...a good tube amp....dang...
Anyone got a 333 or 333xl they wanna sell?
LTD Alexi-600 White & Black
LTD Alexi-200 Black(Death Adder pickup & Gold OFR)
Agile Interceptor Pro 727 7-string
Jackson JS30RR rhoads
Jackson DKMGT
Squire telecaster

Bugera 6262 212 loaded with WGS veteran 30's
Ibanez RGR421EXFM in blackberry subnburst, upgraded with EMG 81/60 pickups and a hardshell case is included as well. $425 shipped OBO.

Please buy ASAP, I need some money for the holidays!
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Blackened Crabcore

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Hey guys my friend needs some help...

This January he will be heading off to college and he needs a decent lap top which is pretty inexpensive. His budget is pretty low ($400-500). He'll basically need it to have decent memory as well as enough RAM so that he can run programs like pod farm/gear box with minimal/no latency. He won't really be using it for things other than his toneport (it'll be his amp replacement) and homework programs such as: word/powerpoint/etc...and he'll carry most music in his ipod only. No need for extravagant features such as touch screen and similar things.

You think you guys could recommend a decent computer? thanks any help is appreciated.
Don't mean to double post, but I'm selling my Peavey Vypyr 15 and possibly my Vox Wah V847a.
Currently looking for someone whose willing to sell a used whammy pedal at around $100-$120.
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