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Does anyone know if practicing long tones would help technical playing? As a saxophonist, playing long tones helps develop embouchure and tone, so if practiced on guitar, it seems to me that finger pressure and hand relaxation could be developed.
You thoughts?
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Well you can only play as long as your guitar can sustain.
And to me, well, I just don't see very much to be refined there.
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Quote by brcck
Well you can only play as long as your guitar can sustain.


Finger strength would be developed better on guitar through practice of scales, legato, etc.
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well i play trombone, and on an instrument where you use your lungs yeah...but like brcck said i really dont see helping much it on guitar
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Well, I don't know what you mean by "technical playing" but playing long tones will certainly improve your technique - vibrato, feedback control, an understanding of tone production... all good things to have.
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Hi Y'all,

I know this is a relatively old post, but I think I can shed some light on this issue. Long tones, or the equivalent on the guitar, is an absolutely indespensible technique with numerous benefits. I've recently created a youtube video that addresses this issue. Please feel free to check it out:

[forbidden link]

If you have any questions I'm here for you.

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