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I love playing the acoustic but all the songs I end up learning have really basic chord progressions. What are some that are fun to play but have some cool and moderately difficult chord progressions to them?
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Yeah I'm interested in this too.

Cat Stevens - Wild World was a bit of a challenge to me since there are so many chord changes in a short period of time. But not really that difficult chords, or song.
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"Something" by the Beatles has a pretty interesting progression. I'd reccomend it.

I think the way I play it is...

F, Fmaj7, F7, Bb, G, G7, C

Dmin, Db+, Dmin7, Bb, G, C

and so on. It may not be the same key as the real version.
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Umm, any Jazz tune? Seldom do you see straight major and minor chords.

But in terms of more rock-ish stuff...Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead. Not your typical chords, but not crazy stuff either.
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Theres an Artist named Ari Hest, hes a little different, but his songs use some weird chords in them pretty consecutively, and he has a cool project he did too on his website called the 52 project where he wrote a song every week for a year, hes way awesome, he really inspires me to write music too,


heres a few songs:

Caught Up In Your Love:
Caught Up In Your Love Tab:

So Slow:
So Slow Tab:

Also, i don`t know how into fingerpicking you are, but i seem to like Iron & Wine, they have a bunch of good finger picking songs, not too weird of chords, but it gets you away from the normal chord strumming thing, but still keeps it relaxing and acoustic

Boy With A Coin:
Boy With A Coin Tab:

Naked As We Came Live:
Naked As We Came Tab:
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