Columns Hall Of Fame

The columns and lessons move very fast, and a lot of downright incredibly pieces of work are quickly forgotten about as they disappear from visibility. This thread is being made to honour the best, as well as to keep the most helpful pieces in the public eye.

Here follows a collection of the best articles in UG. If you feel that there are other articles worth putting on this list, please post a link, username and description below.

The Ultimate Guide To Guitar by ZeGuitarist
An in-depth series of lessons detailing all aspects of practical and theoretical guitar knowledge.

Chapter I: 1: Introduction - The Guitar
Chapter I: 2: The Basics
Chapter I: 3: Pentatonic Scales
Chapter I: 4: Left Hand Techniques
Chapter I: 5: Right Hand Techniques
Chapter II: 1: Diatonic Scales In Theory
Chapter II: 2: Diatonic Scales In Practice
Chapter II: 3: Basic Chord Progressions
Chapter II: 4: Left Hand Exercises
Chapter II: 5: Right Hand Style
Chapter II: 6: Muting
Chapter III: 1: Chord Construction
Chapter III: 2: Advanced Chord Progressions
Chapter III: 3: Tapping
Chapter III: 4: Harmonics
Chapter III: 5: Economy Picking
Chapter IV: 1: Diatonic Modes In Theory
Chapter IV: 2: Diatonic Modes In Practice
Chapter IV: 3: Modal Chord Progressions
Chapter IV: 4: Modulation
Chapter IV: 5: Sweep Picking

The Crusade by JoshUrban
A tireless crusade against musicians who don’t understand the importance of a good grasp of theory.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Intervals
Part 3: Applying Intervals
Part 4: Scales
Part 5: Harmonizing The Major Scale
Part 6: Diatonic Seventh Chords
Part 7: Analyzing A Chord Progression
Part 8: Key Signatures And The Circle Of Fifths
Part 9: Secondary Dominants And Tritone Substitution
Part 10: Loose Ends And Pesky Chords
Part 11: How To Practice Theory

Songwriting by tomhess
A collection of articles based around a few of the author‘s favourite song writing methods.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The Guide To PA by Phil Starr
A guide to achieving the best live sound available through knowledge of a PA system.

Part 1: A First PA
Part 2: Setting Up And Sound-Checking
Part 3: Monitors
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Fiction Hall Of Fame

In The Van On Comeback Road by Nolan Whyte
The first fiction series on UG follows a rocker on hard times as he tries to recapture the glory.


Life And Times, The UG Story by Colohue
The official UG story follows the lives of five people who, using UG, have a profound affect on the lives of the others.

Hugh Gee
Henry Jones
David Morris
Jane Moon
Martin Richardson
Hugh Gee 2
Henry Jones 2
David Morris 2
Jane Moon 2
Hugh Gee 3
Henry Jones 3
David Morris 3
Hugh Gee 4
Henry Jones 4
Hugh Gee Final
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Guitar Knowledge

A Brief History Of The Electric Guitar by Kevy Absolution
A brief summary of the evolution of the electric guitar and biographical information about those involved with its development.
Using Musical Intervals To Greatly Improve Tuning And Intonation by Chris Flatley
A closer look at tuning using vibrations for the sake of keeping your guitar in tune and dealing with your intonation.
Top Guitar Care Things You Don't Remember To Do by Kevy Absolution
Basic guitar care for beginners and virtuosos alike.

Amplifier Knowledge

An Elementary Understanding Of Tubes by Kevy Absolution
A general article using layman's terms to inform the average player what a tube is, how it operates in terms of amplification, and why some players prefer tube amplifier sound over solid state.
Making It Loud by Phil Starr
How come some amps are louder than others? What is the truth about valve/tube watts? How can you cut through the mix and how many watts do you need to buy.
Understanding Amplifier Classes by Kevy Absolution
Explanation of modern amplification classes (A, B, A/B) and their differences.

Accessory Knowledge

On Electrical Impedance by Kevy Absolution
Easy-reading summary of electrical impedance and it's place in pedal usage.
Matching Speakers To Amps by Phil Starr
Answers all your questions about impedance matching and power handling.
The Truth Behind Instrument Cables by Kevy Absolution
Explanation of the major price difference between "high end" and "cheap end" cables.
Cabinets For Guitars by Phil Starr
Explains the pros and cons of open backed, sealed and ported cabinets for guitar and bass.
Choosing Speakers To Drive Your Cabs by Phil Starr
How do you choose the speakers to put in your cab? This article explains the technical side of reading the specs.

General Knowledge

A Guide To Fixing Intermittent Faults by Phil Starr
If you’ve got unexplained noises coming from your amp or your gear keeps cutting out then this should help keep your repair bills down and may even help you fix it yourself.

Music Theory

The Trouble With Theory by frigginjerk
An in-depth article that offers a basic overview of music theory.
The Who, What, Where, When, Why And How Of Chords by Wiegenlied
From triads, through dominants and on to altered chords, this article has everything that you need for your basic knowledge of chordal interplay.
The Trouble With Modes by frigginjerk
An in-depth article covering common modal misconceptions and the basic knowledge required to begin learning about diatonic modes.
Awkward Key Signatures Made Easy by Chris Flatley
A quick, but very helpful tip to help you memorise your key signatures, whatever they may be.

Good Technique

20 Tips For Better Phrasing by josippesut
Twenty small tips on how you can improve your phrasing for solos, lead lines and general performance.
Emphasis In Solo Phrases by josippesut
An article on phrasing your solo sections in as impressive a way as possible.

Good Practice

Applying The Group Dynamic To Your Rehearsal by Kevy Absolution
Applied methods for improving your rehearsals and getting over those new-ensemble road bumps.
"This Article May Save Your Life" by Phil Starr
Explains why musicians are liable to get electric shocks on stage and gives four practical tips to prevent this ever happening.
How To Have Productive Rehearsals by josippesut
Simple information on the best way to ensure maximum productivity during your band rehearsals.
How To Program The Subconscious Mind For Effortless Guitar Playing by Chris Flatley
Even more in-depth than most articles, this piece is about tuning your subconscious and your muscle memory to be more efficient in playing guitar.
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