Real Name: -name removed on request-

Age: 18

Location: Currently at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA but I permanently reside up by Washington DC

Favourite Artists: Mmmm... this varies a lot. I guess currently it'd be Fleet Foxes, Queens of the Stone Age, Menomena, Girl Talk, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Outkast, Justin Timberlake, Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Modest Mouse, Prince, Sigur Ros, Gogol Bordello, Neutral Milk Hotel, Beck, Operation Ivy, Funkadelic... I have a handful of all time favorites that I don't necessarily listen to all the time now but they're there for me when I need them. That mostly consists of Third Eye Blind, Sublime, Beatles, Pink Floyd and, though I never listen to them willingly anymore, RHCP.

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically): Hm.. for me it's Stephan Jenkins.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): Ego Tripping by Nikki Giovanni

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: Myself, just like everyone else says. Otherwise I'd just rather not be a writer at all. There is a lot hidden in the life of someone that makes them have to write; to have that out of my life would be pleasant, or at least I'd assume so.

If you could be any flavour, which would you be: Clove or mint.

Why Do You Write: I danced for 14 years and had to quit due to time constraints. I used to draw and paint and play in an orchestra and find some way to create things out of myself. I think as we get older and have gotten to know ourselves better, we sacrifice the time to actually do anything about it. Writing is something I can fit in on the side, all to myself, something I can keep and look back at and treat as a project or as another limb. I need it to know I lived that day, just like I need a cup of tea every once in a while or a quiet room.

Also, words are just fun to play with.

Favourite word(s): disenchanted, amalgam, meow, extemporaneous, epistemology, cunt, crevice, espionage, cosmos, mmmm, dissipate, ecstatic

Favourite technique/style to write in: stream of consciousness I guess

Favourite Writer(s) on UG: A lot of you will probably just skim through this thing and stop at this particular section to see if you're mentioned. I don't blame you; I'm not all that interesting. I'm going to be detailed in this, though, so sorry.

rushmore - I have loved almost every piece to come off of this boy's fingers to the point where I make myself awkward and creepy like some preteen watching Twilight and swooning over vampires. I remember lines distinctly and the style is so engrained in my mind that I don't even want to read him anymore. I've overdone it. This is the most heartbreaking part of being part of a forum where you can interact with the writers... I don't want to be able to talk to you because all I see is the most vulnerable, private, unadulterated whims in your heads. I know too much about you to know nothing about you and I wish I could just read and not take the actual embodiment of you into consideration. This goes for everyone. I just mention it with rushmore because I've connected with his pieces the most.

ottoavist - This is handy because Kent is almost never here anymore. He's the first writer I truly enjoyed as a whole on the forum. I remember being completely enchanted with the combinations of words, the forms they took and the voices they created and images that were carefully orchestrated out. He's also just a really humble, beautiful person.

These two are my absolute favorites. I enjoy reading everyone, and it's good to read things by the people I don't particularly get into either, just to know it's not all about my own taste. Some more names to throw out -

SubwaytoVenus - He completely took me by surprise, especially since the first things I read by him were so developed and well-done and different. He had this voice that ran like water over rocks and had such intriguing little bits and pieces. He's already changed a great deal after writing on here more consistently and it's just a pleasure to see what will be presented next. After all this time and praise he's still so polite and put-together and appreciative. I dunno, Ryan's a cool guy.

#1 synth - I never know what he's going to write. Ever. I've read him since I've been here and it's always changing; the subject matters and styles ricochet and stumble around drunkly and then sober up and fly to god knows where. I look for something new whenever I come on.

ZanasCross - Zach is not necessarily one of my favorites but I do enjoy his pieces a lot. He stands as the frontman of writing that isn't the style I most relate with but I can still appreciate for what it is. It's just a difference in personality... I don't see myself, but I see something lovely.

Most Helpful Critic: AngryGoldfish and ZanasCross. The former isn't around as much as before, unfortunately, but he was the first person to take me seriously. I can always count on Zach to be honest and harsh when it matters. Subway is generally helpful as well, and #1 synth has supported me forever ever ever. I don't get a lot of his crits but I enjoy reading spike_8kbp's comments on everyone's pieces, though I'm often left confused.

What do you do especially, to find inspiration: Go to the creek behind my house, drink tea, read, climb trees, explore, get myself into shit that I didn't really want to get into

Your Most Recent Work and Reason Behind It: face forward, ballerina. I have a lot of recurring dreams about my dad and this was part of a more recent one. I love him to death, but everyone has some kind of ****ed up in their childhoods.

Tips for Newer Writers: Write a whole hell of a lot. Only have selective hearing when it comes to people's opinions about it. If you know what you wrote and why you wrote it a particular way, keep it that way. Suggestions are meant for development but it doesn't mean you have to change that certain piece right then and there. Remember why you're writing; if you started just to get ahead on a forum, then go right ahead and master your skill, but hopefully you are doing it for your own purposes and can develop this wisdom of knowing that everyone on here is just another everyday person. You will not learn in a day.

Also, once you've got the hang of things, don't write because you feel like you haven't in a while. I can understand trying to get over writer's block, but you've got that block for a reason and it may just be best that you give it a rest for a while until something comes up that's worth it.

What’s your goal in writing: To get things out of my system. I'm honestly a very cheery person, even though a lot of my writing wouldn't show that. I also hope someone, somewhere feels an inkling of connection; I would just keep it to myself otherwise.

Final Comments or Thoughts: This means so much to me. I'm still so surprised and flattered. There are people on this site who have helped me grow so much, as a writer and as a thinker. Thank you everyone for the votes, and most of all thank you for taking the time to read me.


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Congrats, Saadia. Well, well deserved.

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good shit. well done. you've gotten a lot better over time. it shows.

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subway for february. i'm starting the campaign now.

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subway for february. i'm starting the campaign now.

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