i ordered a $21 travel guitar on ebay just to see what a $21 guitar would be like. it's not exactly high quality, but it does play. it seems to have been spray painted black, has a classical bridge on it, and the body meets the neck at the 10th fret. the intonation is dodgy and it needs a new nut as they've cut one slot way too wide, which causes issues for that string, and another slot is too deep and too narrow. oh, yeah - did i mention that the wood around the nut is jagged and has pieces sticking out?

while it didn't sound very good when i did some finger style stuff on it, the funny thing is that when my husband played delta blues on it, which was often played on guitars with issues, it sounded pretty good. and i must admit, it's the perfect guitar to carry along to say the beach if you don't want to risk getting your regular travel guitar full of sand or to a drunken party where you can't trust your friends not to grab at your guitar when they're totally wasted.
like i said, i bought it to see what a $21 guitar is like - i already have several smaller guitars. and it's not a classical, it's got steel strings, steel string tuners and a classical bridge.
come to think of it, so have i

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I've spent more on strings.
happy.. new..... guitar.........day?
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Last spring, Musician's Friend ran a promotion where if you purchased 10 packs of coated strings (call it $100 or so, with free shipping), they'd give you a free Rogue acoustic guitar .

And a couple of months ago - I don't recall exactly when, but maybe around Christmas time - Guitar Center had a similar deal. Buy 10 packs of some brand of coated guitar strings (at what seemed a normal price) and you'd get a free acoustic guitar. I didn't buy the strings, but I did play the guitar for a few minutes. It was nothing to write home about, but given a decent set-up, it wouldn't have been all that bad.

Granted, these deals involved dropping around $100 on strings, but depending on how you look at it, they might qualify as "cheapest guitar ever" opportunities. And they'll probably come along again in 2010.