Hi all. I was gonna wait until the next Tab contest to put this out, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to take it to the general forum first, specially because there are a few things about it I'm not 100% sure about (mostly structure-wise).

So yeah, it was an attempt at being all br00t4lz, but I derailed it a bit w/some fusiony parts. xD

Enjoy if you can, and c4c applies (might take a day or two to get to you, but I will)
That intro is quite something. Really effective usage of dissonance - a very fitting and necessary use for the tritone! The spastic nature of the whole piece, aquired through the harsh, abrasive guitar work, ever shifting rhythmic cells and time signatures, really does the name of the piece justice.

I love the 'melancholy' section. Those psychedelic, jazzy arpeggios really work under the guitars, and the transition into 'anger' is definitely effective. Nice dual guitar work for the solo. Nice to see some counterpoint instead of a more homophonic approach.

Nice re-integration of melancholy, and a nice jam at the end. I love this fusion/progressive approach to metal. I'm attemtping it myself, so if you could check out the piece in my sig that'd be awesome.

A great effort and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. Sophisticated, complex, and in no way restrained. Do you play piano/keyboard? Because your writing for it was superb.
That was mind blowing, you really know how to compose, but I have to disagree on the Deathcore part, this is too good to be Deathcore (i know that i sound like an elitist tool, but it's my opinion). Do you have a band, because if you do I'm totally suporting you guys. Also please check my thread, its a song from my band and we are also Portuguese https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1281752
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i liked that. my only complaint is that it's a bit powerchord-y and i would have liked to see a bit more fusion in the more metal parts. like. i'd like to see it blend the metal and fusion a bit more instead of just putting them together in the same song. i mean, there were some parts where it did that really well, but the parts that were more straightforward metal just made me want the fusion element there, at least in the chord progressions or something.

I just want to sleep forever.

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Do you play piano/keyboard?
Nah... I play guitar and bass but I'm not really good at either of them These pieces are just the result of me and my PC. So don't be surprised if any of this turns out to be unplayable... xD

Ah, and Ometh, there is no band, due to my lack of skills, time, and partners
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my only complaint is that it's a bit powerchord-y and i would have liked to see a bit more fusion in the more metal parts
Fair enough - the purpose of this particular tune was to be a bit more straightforward and "in-your-face", I usually have a more melodic approach... and the fusiony parts weren't supposed to be there in the first place, they just happened. xD
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this was so interesting to listen to, i saved it so i can (hopefully) see why!
man, it was so catchy and those bass lines, WOW.
only negative criticism was that on first listen one of the entrances the keyboard made, to me it felt like it ruined the mood in a 'fusion happy' way, but when i skimmed through it I couldnt find that spot, so who knows.
You really should get a group of talented people to play this! It would be amazing. Do any bands play in this style or is this completely your own? i'd love it if this was the future of metal
This sounds like the black metal band Leviathan, just in a more deathcore style (if thats what you want to call it). The composition was fantastic. The bass parts are just beyond great. Theres hardly a down time for the bass, which is surprising. Everything just works. I kind of would be interested to hear a break down with your crazy leads and synths behind it, and I don't even like breakdowns too much. That said, on its own it is great. One of the best compositions on this forum. Record it because its an eargasm.
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