I am not sure which to go for. my guitar center carries neither but says they can order one. the kind of tone i like is very mid and bass focused. i have a 7 string bass so i also need something to make sure my highs are sound good as well. which would be the better option?
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I'd recommend the Acoustic 450w 2x10 It's about 50 bucks more than the peavey and it looks like a better deal. I have a rumble 100w 1x15 combo and it gets the job done but it's far from excellent and I play the tnt 15 at my church weekly and its the same deal, effective but not extraordinary. The acoustic has more watts than both and it can take an extension cab for extra power. It also has a 6 band EQ and a gain knob in case you want overdrive from the amp itself.
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If you mean the Rumble 100/210 - It's not a great amp, although it's not by any means terrible. Tone wise is very bland sounding, it's not bad but it definitely doesn't stand out in anyway. The thing is built like an absolute tank.

If you mean the Bassman 250/210 - It's a great amp. Tonally pretty versatile, can get some pretty deep lows, does a good job with high end. I really the EQ, sure it's not a graphic EQ or anything but it's set up sensiblely.
I've always been a bit of a ***** for peavey amps, fenders arent bad but you can't beat the tone on a peavey.

Unless, that is, you can afford an ampeg.

But in retrospect to that comment, a single 15 in the peavey vs the 2 10's in the fender, fenders prrroobbbably the way to go if you want to keep the crisper high end