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Maybe its just that I grew up hearing them all over the radio and television, but I've always liked Smash Mouth. And now that I listen to them (their first album especially) is pretty punk, and a lot of ska influence. Alright so maybe they're pop punk at the punkest, but does anyone else here enjoy them?
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There's a special place in hell for fans of Smash Mouth.
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Maybe its the countless hours I used to spend watching Shrek, but I like them.
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Well, i did back in 2nd and 3rd grade. I had the album with 4 songs on it(i think it was "allstar" cos that song was on there)

It was the 1st cd i ever bought with my own money <3
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I was into 'em back in the day. I still have a copy of Astrolounge laying around somewhere in this house.
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I used to volunteer at this concert series that showed bands from (mostly) bygone eras, and Smash Mouth was one of them. For some reason during a break I ended up in the front row and their guitar player handed me two picks. So that was cool.

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