much less complex than i usually write; there are a lot less odd time sigs and less time sig changes than i'd usually use, but i think it worked out well. it's also a lot shorter than my last few, at only 8 minutes. it really needs to be listened to in RSE, because a lot of effects and bends only sound right in RSE and also because there are a lot of tone changes. but if you must listen in MIDI, i've attached it. anyway. enjoy.

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the into was awesome, i love this kind of stuff. the drums were pretty interesting aswell. i really liked the bit from bar 13.

the verse was equally awesome, bar 28 sounded off to me though. that may have been deliberate though.

the bridge, like the rest, i love it. the drums at 42 sounded odd. i think it's just how the high hat opens, and there is a snare hit in the last beat of the bar. it kind of throws the listener off a bit, but again, that may well have been deliberate. the section with the high-hat was awesome. the drums seem a little odd, but they did sound great.

the time-signature bit, like the rest so far, i can't really find anything bad to say about it. unless i wanted to get picky and say the mixing wasn't great (i listened to the MIDI). the interlude worked perfectly, nothing wrong there. i loved the drums from bar 75.

the break, the distortion/overdrive/whatever it was, was unexpected, but worked really well. the verse was great, a few drum parts i would alter, but nothing major. when i saw breakdown, i thought 'oh shit, here we go. chug chug chug'. i was happy when i realised it wasn't that kind of breakdown though, a chugchugchug breakdown would have totally killed the song. i loved the breakdown though. the clean guitar in 104 was a nice addition. the break, equally awesome, i can't fault you here. the prechorus, again, awesome. the chorus, by now i am hoping for there to be things wrong so i can say negative , but there really is nothing. the verse and the outros were great aswell.

overall, 10/10. great song. the drums were odd, i'd change them a little bit. but there was nothing majorly wrong.
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Critting as I listen:

Drums intro... Nice - not often we get tribal beats in here. I think the hi-hat work in there might be detract a little personally, it really sticks out. But it sounds good. The bass is solid, no complaints there.

Guitars, I must say, brilliant layering, i'm already loving this. The sounds you're using are really quite unique as well, I don't often see people pick them. I might have to look into using them though, they sound a lot more realistic than I often hear!

Nice dramatic pause into the Verse. Remaining brilliant (almost reminds me of the Receiving End of Sirens, if you've ever heard of them).

The bridge sounds good at first, but I think the (almost jungley break part? don't really know how to describe it) doesn't really fit. It seems to jitter rather than flow, if you know what I mean?

Hi-hat riff... Crazy, but good. It is a little more regular than the previous part and it works. Do you play drums? It seem a little unorthodox (not that I do, I just like to think I understand them XD)

Time signatures - ****ing love it. It actually reminded me of Fall of Troy with the lovely chords and lead lines. No complaints here!

Interlude - Nothing to say here, it all works really well. You've got a mastery of the 'layery' sounding guitar parts - they work so well together! Without sounding like I want to lick your arse, of course.

Break - Do i hear counter melodys? : D I like the use of fading-guitar like the intro again.

Verse - Massive drums in this part, makes a difference. They still are heavily reliant on toms though, maybe tone it down in some places?

Breakdown - Previous point stands - still a lot of tom work going. Hi-hats coming in works really well though ^_^

Break - Guitar's a little complicated here for my liking - almost too much going on?

Pre-Chorus - Works a lot better here... sort of all irons out? If you get my drift - it comes together a lot smoother.

Chorus - Not sure if the lead makes it too involved? But i'm sure it'll work nontheless. It's not often I hear this much of an extended chorus, it's refreshing change... Gives time for the vocals to expand, almost?

Verse - Again, may be a little too much going on, especially with vocals too. But I suppose I may change my opinion if i heard vocals too...

Outro - Unusual song structure, I must say. No qulams here. The way everything tones down is really good too. The re-use of the intro drums is a good touch too.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this piece. Not much I can say other than what I've mentioned above - maybe look at toning some parts down, the over-involvement almost takes away from each individual part. Though this may be a case of mixing - if you could get each part isolated without overpowering another, it might be a different story... I'll say it again though, great work.

If you fancy critting back (no worries if not!), could you look at this piece please? Cheers.