Hi UG Community! It's been so long since my last post. I planned to stop writing progressive metal after finishing my (in my opinion) greatest work Black Light Whispers but It turns out I still wanted to make more music. The Sound of the World is my lastest work and the most complex song in terms of song structure and orchestration. From the complex riffs of progressive metal to the spacey atmospheric orchestrations of psychedelic/space rock and to the simple punk/alternative chord progressions, this whole song shows all of the music that I love or if referring to the title, the sound of my world.
The song was supposedly two separate songs but it turned out they both fit nicely together. There are two sections in this song both referring to the four elements of the world (two in each):

I. Take me to the Sun - Fire/Air
II. The Walk on Water - Water/Earth

The song length is 18:21

Thank You and Good Day!
The Sound of the World (GP5, GP4, MIDI).zip
I'm gonna reserve this spot for a full crit later today, but let me start off by saying, I'm about 200 bars in. And...this is just genius. You've sparked my interest in more progressive metal with this song.

Yes, poop.
im speechless O.o it was both agressive metalish and extremely beautiful, and i dont listen to progressive stuff but this was something special^^
listened to it all the way through straight away.
amazing work congratulations
Not bad, 18 minutes long progressive metal.

Really loved first part. I didn't really like introduce to all instruments, however it turned out to be good when all instruments were in. Got to mention that you have awesome drum work behind everything. Heavy part at 138-- was pretty intresting. 150- was even more intresting. It's good that you bring something to listen on this 18 minutes, so it's not boring. U can keep intrest in the song. 175-- I loved harmony between guitar and keyboard. Bass seemed a bit lonely . You could figure some nice bass/drum part in there. 203-- Keep soloing! I didn't really like 218-- it started to sound too dissonant. 268-- on it started to sound like heavy in good way again. 289--brought some nice melodies back to the song again. Piano/clean guitar mix was pretty odd, it sounds like mess, I kinda liked it. Instrumental madness .

Now second part. I think start of this part went a bit too long. Bass/drums part were kinda boring. With clean guitar it became better. I loved slides at 374. Pianos in were a nice choice. It's awesome in this part that clean parts last way longer than in first one. It stays beautiful enough long. I mention again that awesome drumming work this far. Nothing's wrong with the bass but it's not just as memoreable as drumming . Drums and bass gives nice groove in to this song. I love that distrotion fadeing and comeing back from 420 on. It's nice to have solo again. Solo was pretty good, but not 10/10 solo. It wasn't intresting enough for that but 9½/10. Piano worked well after solo. Again keyboard/guitar harmony, nice. Bass worked well on this part. I think previous solo was better than this one. Keyboard/guitar solo was just awesome. Great work.. I think you should still have made some kind of intro.

I'll give you a real crit in a bit, but just wondering...

do you listen to btbam at all?
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i like that the song is the divided into elements, creative, and they have different moods so really cool

hated bars 66-85
its really pleasent to hear the bars after that, cool break anyways
mixing completely different style riffs usually ends up in a mess, as well as using completely same style riffs bores hearing, i didnt feel a disaster and either got bored, so good job...
bars 446-462 are epic
what i think it is missing is a boom, i know it has lots of booms out there formed by those shreddy solos, but it needs a simple and catchy boom

anyway, are you famous yet?
Reserved for crit.

I give you props though, that didn't feel like 18 minutes.

And unlike most of the other people, I actually do have some negative feedback to give, as opposed to just wordless awe that can't help anyone.
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bar 191 sounds almost exactly like a btbam song, you might wanna change that...
First off, it sounds great, just like all your songs I've heard, I'm once again loving everything I hear.
I will give a detailed crit of the song later this day, since I have to go to school in half an hour, so I won't be able to listen to an 18 minute-song and crit it right now

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I planned to stop writing progressive metal after finishing my (in my opinion) greatest work Black Light Whispers but It turns out I still wanted to make more music.


just don't...
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bar 191-235 really sounds like a btbam ripoff to me. i mean. i'm not saying you've consciously ripped them off; it just seems to be too similar to some of their stuff, in style and melody, to really feel like it belongs. i don't think it should go or anything, but i think it could use some re-working to maybe make it sound a bit more unique. another complaint i'd have is the rhythms. in the parts where you've got chords strumming, a lot of them could use with some rhythm variations instead of just the straight rhythms you have. i love bars 366-397 though, especially once the piano joins. the whole "water" section is really nice.

really, the main thing i have to suggest is some more interesting rhythms. through a lot of the song, that isn't really a problem, but in some parts, i really would like to see something more than straight eighths. but otherwise, it was pretty great. i thoroughly enjoyed it.

if you want to take a look at my latest piece, "assballs", it'd be greatly appreciated. also, if you're at all interested in listening to some of my 18-minute progressive metal, check out "this king of machines".

I just want to sleep forever.

Okay, everytime I try to edit my crit into my first post here, my computer starts acting up, so I'll just put it in a new post then.

First off, I love the intro, nice and peaceful. Adding the guitar sounds good.
Transition into bar 86 is sudden and abrupt, but in a very good way.
At bar 138, where you go into a heavier riff, I think the lead has to ring on for one beat or so, and then slide out or something along those lines, to make the two bars flow better.
Riff at 150 reminds me of ‘In the presence of enemies’ by Dream Theater, just had to mention that
Moving on…
The lead line at bar 203 is pretty cool.
At bar 218, I can’t quite get my head around the riff, I mean, I like it, and it sounds cool, but for some reason it seems strange. I don’t know whether I think it should be changed or not.
I would maybe leave out bars 236 down to 244 if it were my song, it might grab the attention better if you make the part with the keyboards follow the previous immediately, without having it build up to it with the same guitar part.
Bar 321, I would put in volume swells on the cymbals so the drums end a little less sudden.
Some nice work with the string ensembles from bar 322 on.
The bass part isn’t exactly my favourite part of the songs, but it works I guess. It sounds better with the guitar and piano and such coming in later on though.
Loving the keys coming in at bar 402.
I really like the guitar solo starting at 446, the bend is bar 450 is one of those notes you something have in solo’s that I want to play ten times in a row just because of the way it sounds.
All the harmonies/solo’s starting from bar 479 worked really well, nothing to say about that.
The fading out is a perfect way to end this song I think.

All in all I’d give it a 9.8/10 Good job
I'll sing you a story of a duck
A duck whose name is Alfred Kwak
the intro was nice.
at bar 43 when the instruments come in the notes clash a little bit to me. i like your bass lines at bar 82. bar 86 was pretty sick. i like it. this would take long for me to crit but trust me that its amazing. i will post more later
amazing, really good stuff. i know from experience that it can be a pain writing long songs like these and actually make them sound like a cohesive song but you nailed it man. only thing is it's a little bit too reminiscent of BTBAM.... i don't even listen to them that much but i had like 3 or 4 instances that a riff reminded me explicitly of some material of them.

also are you planning on recording this? would love to hear it in it's finalized form!
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hey, nice to see you posted another song!

Somehow I couldn't get into this as much as your other songs. I can't exactly express why I feel that way, but most of the riffs didn't really engage me on a creative level as much as your other work did (which is funny since this is probably your most stylistically varied song to date). But that's just me, you want to branch out and experiment, that's better than getting burned out on prog metal and not writing anything at all. Black Light Whispers shows that you can write a most professional prog metal epos (honestly, if it were a recording I would have preferred it over DT's actual latest offering), whereas in comparison this feels more meandering and less focused. I mean, every individual part was obviously good, but that was it, there wasn't so much now that had the punch to make me go "holy shit that was brilliant let me rewind and hear that again" (oh and I don't mean that it literally needs to be heavier, I actually mostly listen to softer music than metal). The songs on the Inner Balance album show that you can also work with a focus that made them really "fit for radio airplay" in their restraint (I mean that in the most positive sense, the songs were perfectly to the point and full of great hooks). So I guess between those two favorites it's my own expectations here that got in the way.
Anyhoots, BTBAM was mentioned, but personally I didn't feel the same vibes aside from some just superficially similar formulas. The chord progression of riff 175 ff made me chuckle, guess I heard it in too many jrock songs.
If you feel you need a change from the DT style, may I suggest looking into Yes (if you haven't already) ? From some parts of the atmosphere here I think you might enjoy them.

Preface: I listened to MIDI. I might not go back to get the time; just a warning.

I've got very mixed feelings about this song nbgreat.. normally, I love your stuff (I still remember that concept song you did a long time ago... I listen to it every now and then), but this song... while it's not bad, it's not as good as your other songs.

Let me say this, I do really like the song. It got my attention right away (that intro melody is awesome), but after awhile it kinda... blends, if that makes sense. It loses that "punch" that I'm used to hearing from you (Like Ailes said). I think it needs a part to repeat more that's not a piano part. Maybe it did and I just didn't notice... who knows. But, as far as I heard, I only heard that one piano part repeat.

I did love the heavy section somewhere in the middle (damn me for not having GP anymore!) and, my favorite part, the clean solo. Especially it harmonized.

Just really... it lacks that flavor to keep me interested. Nothing really stood out to me and kept my attention for very long because it felt like it went from one idea to the next pretty fast.

Also, the very first transition to the piano (I think it was the first... I dunno, it was VERY sudden) was a bit TOO sudden for me.

Overall, 8.5/10. Not your best, man. But keep at it!
bar 191 IS a BTBAM song.The bit that follows is like LAAA LAAA LA LA LAAA.
is it Swim to the Moon maybe? its off the Great Misdirect fo' sure.
I mean you could've accidental wrote that but its basically identical...

Overall its a really good song although a lot of it is very BTBAM-esque, but who says thats a bad thing?
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Quote by frankibo
bar 191 IS a BTBAM song.The bit that follows is like LAAA LAAA LA LA LAAA.
is it Swim to the Moon maybe? its off the Great Misdirect fo' sure.
I mean you could've accidental wrote that but its basically identical...

Ah yeah, its Disease, Injury, Madness. I think. When I heard it, i was like woaaah Ive heard this, I think its a dream theater song. But no biggie, this is such an amazing song. I listened to the entire thing, 18 minutes flew by really fast, and I think this has one of the most 'epic' outros ive ever heard. Bar 479, after the piano break, reminds me a lot of Ants of the Sky (BtBAM), im sure you know what part. But its still really different and then goes off in its own direction, and builds and its just really awesome to hear.