The string is way too close to the edge of the neck. How do I fix this? It's difficult to do vibrato even because of how close it is. What do I need to adjust?
If your guitar has a bolt on neck, loosen the neck screws and you should be able to pull the neck up a bit to straighten it. If its a set neck or neck thru, there isnt anything you can do.
I recently solved this same issue too > dammit, expensive guitars aren't supposed to have issues like these

So first off I tried littlephil's suggestion. Didn't really notice a difference. That doesn't mean it ain't worth a try (just don't take the entire neck off), but you have to tighten the neck too afterwards, and if you don't do it right your neck might shift back into its previous position or (even worse) it won't stay in tune after you're finished, so make sure you know what you're doing and keep in mind that this operation only makes sense if the neck is in fact the issue

I mean: I assume that the closer you get to the headstock, the easier the E- string slips off, right? Well, if that's the case there really is no point in adjusting the neck. It's a nut issue. I didn't wanna change it so I tried a million other things first (including filing down the high-E saddle so It'd be closer to the rest, but that didn't help since the problem was at the other end) but Eventually I brought it to a workshop and this guy did a fantastic job: he removed the old nut, replaced it with a bone nut (which sounds wonderful) which he filed down himself, so all the strings fit perfectly. The strings now rest like 1 or 2 mm lower, but that's more than enough for the high-E string to never slip off again

So basically my suggestion would be: replace the nut. If you're a handy dude you can do it yourself (you might wanna replace your old nut with a bone nut or a Music Man compensated nut, look 'em up if you don't know what they are) but keep in mind that somre guitars have the neck glued between 2 chunks of wood, and those are pretty hard to remove neatly. In that case you might wanna bring your ax to a professional and let him do it for you. Just be very clear on what your issue exactly is and how you need it fixed. Bring your own set of strings so he can keep that in mind as he's filing down the slots for a perfect fit. This operation cost me like €35 euros (including a full setup: he adjusted my neck and intonation too) which is like $50 bucks I guess. That ain't a lot of money even if you have a really cheap guitar, but if you were thinking about buying a new one already just pay extra attention to that dreaded e-string because you don't wanna run into the same trouble again... I know I don't

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Well, I was changing my strings, and decided to "fix" up the guitar by tightening some stuff here and there.

Too bad I forgot I don't know what I'm doing. I've been playing for around two years...

It was alright before I changed my strings..
Did you lower the saddle too much?


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