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I'm looking for a band that has a good guitar that is frequently active during the song, kind of soloing in the background along as the singer sings, instead of just playing a riff over and over.
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well either ozzy or bls live zakk throws some fills in every chance he gets
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the new guns n roses album has alot of lead work going on throughout all the songs 90% of the time.
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joe bonamassa....his newest album is kind of like that...actually its just damn good.
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there are a lot of bands that just solo throughout, but WITHOUT singing, like michael angelo batio, steve vai, jason becker, jeff loomis and satriani just to name a few of the popular ones...i suppose alot of yngwie's stuff has him soloing throughout WITH a singer. That's just off the top of my head though i know there are others but i'm having a brain malfunction right now
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Mars Volta
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I have almost all of those already... going to check out the 3 i dont have: nevermore, aspid, joe bonamassa
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I do not know about their other songs but Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits has a lot of guitar fills. Check it out.
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The band for you is T-Ride. They've got awesome guitar parts all the time during every song