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so i've been playing guitar for a little while now and am starting to do some singing and playing, I'm looking for some nice songs to cover for sitting around the campfire and stuff like that. I'm not an amazing singer but it doesn't really matter at the venues im playing lol.

I like most newer rock and alternative/indie and here is the list of songs i have memorized so far. I just began learning to sing and play at the same time yesterday so its small. I cant sing while doing anything more then chords or basic riffs at the moment or my timing gets thrown off. so take that into consideration.

violent femms:blister in the sun
sublime: what i got, might learn Santeria soon.
iggy pop: passenger
nada surf: popular
blink 182: adams song and i miss you
eddy vedder: hard sun
Better than ezra: good and desperately wanting

im probably going to look at some live and goo goo dolls next but want some suggestions of what you think would be good to add to my line up.
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anything but wonderwall...
unless you are this guy or want to be him...

EDIT: Maybe some relaxed songs by America or some other bands like that, or do your own twist on a song. It might help you with that video above...ha
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