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Ok so i just got Slash's new album and it kicks Chinese Democracy's ass! Wow, granted Chinese Democracy is a good album, but it could have been better in the 15 years that it was given to be written/recorded. Anyone agree? keep up the badass work Slash.
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everything hes done is golden

I regard snakepit as being some of his best work.
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i've listened to the previews on itunes, and i gotta say, just from listening to the previews it sounds pretty damn good! kicks chi. dem's ass easily if you ask me! just have to wait until pay day to buy it
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Chi Dem is far superior in every way. Slashs new album is ok, but its entirely what i expected which is a bit meh, whereas Chi Dem blew my mind!
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In my opinion both Chinese Democracy and Slash are brilliant albums but without a doubt Slash is much better.
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Quote by niikuu
guns n roses without slash is no guns n roses to begin with

Except Guns n Roses started without Slash
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Quote by hendo123456789
Except Guns n Roses started without Slash

Haha,people tend to forget that.It gets in the way of being a fan girl. Chd is an all around solid record,no real weak spots.Where as slash's album,imo, only has 2-3 decent songs on it.
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