That was pretty much spot on for me. it was really tame compared to most of your stuff, which I'm very okay with. seriously, you've become one of my favorites on here over time. the 'anti-verse' and second half of the bridge at 117 are definitely some of my favorite parts from you, and just fit perfectly here
I honestly wasn't quite sure what to expect when I started listening, and heard a light riff being backed by handclaps. The energy this had though was enough for me to keep listening - and you certainly didn't let down.

Love the Anti-Verse riff there - and an interesting choice of name for that section as well, I have to say. Am not so sure about the chorus, though - feels just a little too empty, I feel. Everything else up to 117 is good, and then I completely agree with Thomasoman - absolutely love the ringing guitar there. Semi-Chorus is damn good as well - some good rhythm on the part of the guitars there.

So basically, the song starts off good, gets awesome, then becomes good again. I believe that averages out as above average, and so therefore was a good listen. Nice work indeed.
Just saw your comment on my page.

- Clean intro is very awesome. I love the claps. Maybe at bar 13 come in with a muted lead riff.
- 25 to 28 is an amazingly good transition. and the verse after it rules. Reminds me of DGD and Closure In Moscow.
- The feel of the rhythm at 45 is great. I would have personally chose a different style of lead.
- Goes into the ride cymbal bit sooooo good.
- 73 is such an awesome jammy section.
- Breaking 89 onwards with the bar in 2/4 works very well.
- Stopping the solo at 114 and concentrating on the rhythm sounds great. I would have changed bar 116 to something different though.
- Lead at 117 is great. Could be used in a chorus in my opinion.
- 167 to 173 went a bit long in my opinion. I think twice is enough.
- The awesomeness of 175 to 176 makes up for it though.
- Solo can seem a bit too noodley and all of the place at times. But overall its pretty goood.

I think this is definitely the best song youve written. It kept me interested the whole way through.
Hey, sorry for the wait. Listening to your song now.

Intro - Love what you did with the volume swells. The fit very well, awesome bassline too.

Verse/Anti Verse - Very upbeat, awesome rhythm going here as well.

Semi-Chorus Thing - Awesomely catchy but still sounds very unique awesome work here.

Double Negatives - Time sig changes here fit perfectly.

Solo - Some of the random stops were a little confusing but other than that it's pretty much sweet.

I wish I could give you some more useful criticism here, but this all sounds pretty solid to me. You should definitely be proud of this piece.