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A death metal piece I've worked on these past 2 or so weeks. I've tried to emulate the stylings of some death metal pioneers with this one, and I tried to make it sound as filthy and harsh as possible.

Vastly inspired by the likes of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Infester, and Deicide, here is "Demons to Some/ Angels to others", and yes, the title is a ripoff from a Hellraiser quote... And the outro riff is slightly Korn-like, as it was the only thing I could think of that went along with the drums

Hope you like, and add in imaginary death growling if necessary!
Angels to Some, Demons to Others.gp5
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Sounded like some good early 90`s Floridan death metal to me.Just get Scott Burns to produce your album and you`ll be good to go.My only complaint was that some of the harmonies sounded a bit awkward.Good riffs and structure for sure though.
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damn man, sounds sick as hell

are you gonna record this maybe? Id like to hear it with real instruments and vocals. anyway, ima go riff by riff

Intro riff: awesome riff for an intro. definitely captures your attention with the harmonies. sounds bad ass
Riff 2: steps it up to a new level. fits awesomely with the next one too
Riff 3:Makes me want to punch my dog in the face while headbanging. same with "In Hell". Also bad ass riff name haha
Riff 4: Kinda same old but fits well. I can dig it
5: i can image some nice growling and gutturals here haha
solos: They are good. not much to say though. kinda standard if you know what i mean
6: Reminds me of Bloodbath. i want to see this song live or hear it recorded
Outro: Korn, but i like.

overall id give this song an 8.5 or 9/10. a pretty solidly badass song!

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Sick ass song, I like the use of chromatism in the solos. I don't really like the outro, it sounds misplaced. Record it and I'll growl over it lol.
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