Hey guys, this is my first real attempt at writing metal, I was going for a sludgy sound, not sure if it fits under sludge metal though. Either way I'm quite happy with it, however I am very sleep deprived at the moment. RSE recommended.
Kind of has a Toolesque vibe to it, Has some very nice use of syncopation and layering effects.

But without vocals or a feature melody line, i did find it a tad to repetitive, but none the less pretty good song

Anyway heres my latest work in progress: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=23623220#post23623220
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The riff in the 1st 13 bars is somewhat, wooden. Maybe that's the point, but it didn't excite me much. The drums throughout remain pretty damn active. Reminds of Mastodon, specifically Brann Dailor.
I do see the Tool influence as well.

The break at bar 79-80 into more standard drumming would have been accented better if the guitars followed the drums instead of continuing with the syncopated rhythm.

It's a pretty dark and bleak song up until the finale, which is one of my favorite parts. Kind of a Mars Volta/post-hardcore-ish vibe.
With some work, the rest of the song could be as strong as the ending. Needs a bit more variation for my taste and baseline that is as predominant as the percussion.

I got a song I would like to take a look at sir. Here ya go.