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I've noticed that there are a ton of albums out there waiting to be undiscovered. Whether they're local to you or a million miles away, there is some great stuff that you've never heard of.

For example, I just bought "Are You Serious?" by a band called the Mean Jeans, that are relatively unknown outside of their little scene. You guys might want to check them out if you're a Ramones fan, because they have that sort of sound.

So, I created this thread so people can share their favorite unknown albums.


I recommend "Are You Serious?" by the Mean Jeans if you're a fan of fast, Ramones-esque music. It's an extremely short album and is easily enjoyed. You can get it through their label Dirtnap Records.

I also recommend "Sunrays to Starlight" by Last Martyrs of a Lost Cause. They're a ska band out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and this is their only album released. You can hear some Big D and the Kids Table in their music. I got the album on iTunes but you can also get it through CD Baby.
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Charlie Harper & the Urban Dogs- "New Barbarians-The best of Charlie Harper & the Urban Dogs"

Poison Idea- "Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes EP"

Raped- "The Complete Raped Punk Collection"
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Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
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take offense-happiness under chains
over my dead body-no runners
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Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables

A band called Dead Kennedys? That's a little offensive, no?

EDIT: Descendents -- Milo Goes to College
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Is it possible to have a serious thread?

Oh well. Umm.....Brown Reason to Live- Butthole Surfers
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Never Mind the Bollocks - Sex Pistols

i'll be sure to check them out

mommy's little monster - social distortion
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Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from mars
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