i got a guitar recently (bc rich warbeast bloodbound) and the string intonation is killing me

i m a regualar floyd rose user, this is the first time i m having this fixed bridge one. but it has a continuous fret buzz on the upper fret (starts at 15) on the 1st and 2nd string.

the bridge is not parellel to the fret. if i turn the truss rod clockwise to tight position, upper fret stop buzzing, but 1st 3 fret on the 5th and 6th string starts buzzing.

i tried very slow steps ,but there was no middle positon where both 3rd or 15 th fret stop buzzing at the same time, either this or tht always. if i tight the truss rod --3rd fret area 6th stirng.. and if loosen ---15th fret area on 1st string.

the only way is to raise the bridge height to stop it, but then it becomes very tough for lead playing as the intonation becomes very far from the fret..

please someone help.
intonation has little to do with action. You fix the intonation by moving the little screws that are on the side of the bridge that is closest to the pickups. Try sanding the frets a little. Make sure your pickups aren't making the string deaden or buzz. If youre pickups are touching the strings just lower them
Sounds to me, like your nut slots have worn down, or were just low anyway.

Fret each string at the 3rd fret and see how much gap there is above the first fret.
Or even, how low are the strings to the first 6 frets?

Look at your nut. Does it look like the slots are worn down?
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i had to keep the bridge down ,so i that i can play lead on the upper fret. but the 15th fret on the first string is buzzing, when its stop buzzing , its too far from the fret, lead playing is really hard.