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Hey guys, we just had our first show the other night. Great turnout and we all played really solid. However being the first show i was mainly concerned on playing good and not messing anything up. I am the rhythm/lead guitar in the group and really want to get good at my stage presence, but its just hard to move a ton while playing sometimes. Any tips on how to be crazy and get good at moving around and stuff while playing. Any advice is welcome.
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when your band is practicing , just start doing whatever you want to do while playing, so you can get used to playing and moving and try not to look at your guitar and you should find yourself getting good at it
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yeah, just practice with smaller and simpler motions. The better you get at that, the more wild you can go while playing. Its a gradual process. Also, one thing that really helps me is to play n the dark while moving around. That'll do a few things.:
1)Get you in the habit of not looking down when playing.
2)Get a better feel for where the frets are, no matter what position you are in.
3)Help you play while moving/jumping/headbanging
4)It will train you to correct a wrong note with your ear, rather than your eye. You sound your way out of a mistake, rather than looking down for the double-dots. That way, if you screw up while going nuts at a show, you don't have to pause the excitement for a second to find where your fretting hand is.
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