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Hey there people! I know there are two old and burried threads about this band but it's time for a bigger one! I only had two Funkadelic albums for years (the first one and free your mind etc) and only recently began exploring more stuff!

To get to the point: I love the Eddie Hazel dominated albums! Everybody, and I mean everybody who likes Hendrix-type psychedelic rock should do themselves a favor and give them a listen!

My favourites are Maggot Brain, (which also seems to be the most popular one. Don't be fooled, though, they have much more to offer!) and Standing on the Verge of getting it on

Awesome songs on this one: (can't add youtube links right now, I'm at work)
Alice in my Dreams
Standing on The Verge Of Getting It On
I'll Stay

My favs:
Maggot Brain
Super Stupid

Of course George Clinton always gets the respect he deserves!
From a guitar player's perspective this is the man: Eddie Hazel! His fuzzy tone and use of wah wah are just exceptional. He really played with feeling! His singing on Super Stupid for example rocks as well!

Come on and appreciate. What are your favourites, or (if you didn't know them) what do you think?
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I like music
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I guess this was the wrong subforum, eh? Are there mods that can move it to the blues/funk forum?
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love the stuff with eddie on it for sure. Maggot Brain is a great instumental piece. the 1st 2 albums seemed to have more of a rock influence than later releases.