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Real Name: Fred Temple

Age: 17

Location: South West England, Berkshire

Favourite Artists: Marvin Gaye, Elliott Smith, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana, Nick Drake, Stevie Wonder, The Beach Boys, Relient K, Brand New, Van Morrison, John Coltrane, OutKast, Radiohead and U2.

Artist(s) we should all listen to:
John Mayer's "Continuum", "A Love Supreme", by John Coltrane, "Pet Sounds" by the Beach Boys and "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye.

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically): Elliott Smith, Jesse Lacey and Jeff Buckley Nick Drake have inspired me the most; their lyrics have really hit me, and have inspired some of my pieces. I knew about Jesse Lacey, and have been a fan of his, for a while now (since I was about 13). I discovered Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith and Nick Drake just two years ago, and i have been extremely impressed ever since. All of them show so much soul, presence, insight, intelligence in their work and in their lyrics. Some are also deeply personal, such as "Last call", "King's crossing", "Dream Brother", "Harvest Breed", "Degausser", "Time Has Told Me", "So Real", "You Won't Know" and many, many others.

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): T.S Eliot, Dylan Thomas, Rudyard Kipling, John Keats, and Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: In the long term I would rather be myself, but T.S Eliot was a genius! I truly discovered T.S Eliot when I was 15 and I must say, no one writes like him; he was the person who inspired me to continue writing poetry. He writes in a multi-dimensional manner, his allusions and references are impeccable and his ideas are never dry; they are always engaging and extremely thought provoking. In both "Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and "The Waste Land" T.S. Eliot carries multi-dimensional metaphors and levels of meaning of such complexity that it takes real detective work to uncover them.

If you could be any flavour, which would you be: Haha, what a question. Probably nut flavoured (in this case less of the population would be obliged to eat me).

Why Do You Write: I used to write songs, exclusively, when I was 12. What made me to start writing songs in the first place were silly things like "the four girls I asked out all said no", so all of my lyrics during that period were really idiotic and full of angst (and cuss words). When I was 13 I had the impression that songs can change the world and save lives (after suffering from depression), so I wrote solely for that reason. My songs eventually made the transition into poetry after I got tired of writing in a purely one-dimensional manner, and I wanted to expand my writing. Recently my pieces have been very personal and quite impressionistic as well. Writing has become a way to pin point those moments that I felt were significant in my life. I write because I feel it is the best way to communicate with people, without the need of a conversation or interaction or even acknowledgement of who I am by the readers.

Favourite word(s): Grace, acknowledgement, towards, pursuance, between and movement.

Favourite technique/style to write in: Stream-of-consciousness and Dramatic Monologue.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG: Kent, Allen, Carmel, Matt (Hendrix_fan_14), Sean, BJ and Evan,

Most Helpful Critic: I was really terrible when I first started to post here, but at the time I was naïvely convinced that I was better than writers who were published, due to some of the critiques I was receiving from other writing forums that I was previously a part of. But as soon as I started to post some of my pieces here my pieces were drilled and criticised to death. People like Zach would completely destroy those pieces, and I am glad. Those who criticised my pieces told me what to improve on and also how to go about doing so. I improved quickly after receiving those helpful comments, and that is the primary reason why I still post here. Carmel, David (Aeolian Harmony), Matt (H_f_14), Daniel and Kent are also very helpful when it comes to criticism.

What do you do especially, to find inspiration: I tend to listen to music, read other poems to draw some ideas, critique people's work in S+L, reminisce and talk to friends.

Your Most Recent Work and Reason Behind It: The last piece I wrote was "Dog"." Dog" is a poem that in its core speaks about the evolutionary origin of religion and its psychological origin. I wanted to take the perspective of someone stepping out of faith and observing what has become their personal belief in a purely rational manner. It also speaks of childhood traumas, such as being attacked in the dream (via bewitchment) due to jealousy of that person's destiny. In relation, it asks the great question; do you wish to conform or reform?

Tips for Newer Writers: Write for yourself and no one else, don't be afraid of it not being accepted or recognised because in the end you are different to everyone else. Try not to follow trends; be brave enough to be different but acknowledge you own personal strengths. Read as much novels and poetry as you can and learn from them. Try to be self-critical about your own writing, and a perfectionist. Do not shy away from technique when it comes to writing. If you can, try to use allusion and metaphors and extended-metaphors in your writing; try to make your writing to be multi-dimensional. Try different styles of writing, and not "a parody of your usual style". Too many authors want, or need, to express their emotional turmoil, and use the medium of poetry to do so and yet many of them seem to have little love of language, no knowledge of form and no desire to play with words. Once written their work is a piece of art, and editing would only mar the brilliance of their thoughts. For your own good, try not to have that kind of mindset when it comes to criticism, and don't forget to post here.

What’s your goal in writing: To be the best writer I could possibly become and to influence readers.

Final Comments or Thoughts: Thank you very much for this, I am grateful for winning this (and honoured). I really enjoyed filling out the questionnaire.

This is not a pipe
congrats! well-deserved, and the questionnaire was an enjoyable read
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congratulations! well deserved. and you have great taste in music, might i add
here, My Dear, here it is
Congratulations Fred, really well deserved!

I enjoyed reading the questionnaire, a lot of interesting points in there..

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching

I Just Joined today. (20 mins ago) Not saying i think im better than everyone else but its great how you took the harsh critquie and turned it into somthing postive for yourself! inspiration right here. Too keep trying and beat to my own style and drum ^_^ <3
Congratulations, Fred. Keep up the good work!
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Congratulations, Fred.

I didn't read the pieces and vote this time around so I can't say whether or not this was well deserved on that basis. But I've seen a lot of growth in you. Both as a writer and as a member of the community, reminding others to pay attention to the new talent as it appears.

You've had like 4 WotWs, but WotM has always seemed to elude you. I can imagine receiving this particular acknowledgment elicits that feeling of achieving full acceptance by your peers. As they say on the beer commercial: "It doesn't get any better than this."
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