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I tried to search this kind of thing and couldn't find anything so if I'm in the wrong feel free to close or request that I delete this thread.

My friends and I started playing together for fun and ended up writing a bunch of songs now we're trying to come up with a name. We're having a hard time deciding on one particularly. We all listen to loads of rock and punk and hardcore, and we've been playing that kind of thing with a lot of southern rock/classic rock riffery. It's pretty dirty and just ****in rockin. Anyway, after a bit of narrowing down we decided on the name

"Viper Anthems"

as a working title. We're just looking for something that sounds real dirty and rock'n'roll and I think that does. I stole it from a band I know of that almost called their EP this, but didn't. We're not dead set on it and we haven't really told a lot of people so it's able to change... that's why I'm asking you dudes. I can't get an honest opinion from anyone I know. What do you guys think? Should we stick with it or do a bit more searching?

Thanks in advance! Again, sincere apologies if this thread doesn't belong here or shouldn't have been created in the first place. This is the greatest music community I've ever known and I just want its opinion!
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i dont like it at all man. Itd be better as the name of an album. but not a good band name.
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i dont like it at all man. Itd be better as the name of an album. but not a good band name.
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Quote by melvernspence
hmm... the name suggested by Landman is better

HAHAHAHAHA are you serious? I would NEVER listen to a band with that name. Like, ever. That's easily one of THE ABSOLUTE WORST band names I've heard in my life. Like, that's a name I'd come up with in grade 4.

I seriously cannot express how much disdain I have for that name.

That said Viper Anthems isn't terrible. If you want to go that route, I'd probably pick a different synonym for anthem though.
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Hey zrose, I have an idea for an album cover.

The nun with the syringe full of morphine. Ya know? Self explanatory.

I like the name, "Sister Morphine" though, it sounds like a badass concept.
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"Sister Morphine" would be a good name for a Rolling Stones tribute band. It's not bad outside of that either, but you should at least make it clear that that's where you got the idea from. Or where your bandmate got the idea from... All I'm saying is don't pass it off as your own idea man.
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My band's name is, unsurprisingly "Tombstone Hand". The name comes from a line in the Bo Diddley song "Who Do You Love?". We don't have any songs up on the internet, but I'd describe the band's style as "Punk-Blues" in the vein of The Gun Club.

What do you think?
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Great album name - we heard it here first!
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I thought of this one a while back, and was gonna use it, but decided on another.

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