Just bought a new pair of Lace Sensor Dually pickups and I'm having a problem wiring them correctly, the wiring diagram is a little confusing. I have a Peavy Odyssey which is a Les Paul style guitar with a 2 way coil selector switch and a 3 way pickup selector switch. Here's a link to Lace Sensor Diagrams....


Here's a diagram I drew of my guitar without any pickups in it.


Each pickup's wiring consists of

1 Orange Wire
1 Orange/Black Wire
2 Green Wires
1 White Wire
1 White/Black Wire

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

The last diagram on that pdf show the 2 green wires and the white wire are grounds, I'm not sure about this but maybe you should wire the orange/white and white/black together in a series circuit and then the orange wire will be your hot wire.

Again I'm not sure about this.

Or... you could use that diagram.
Hope it helps.
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You'll have to forgive me, I'm good at soldering and building my own pedals but my electronics knowledge is self taught and this diagram is a little confusing when relating it to my guitars setup. The original pickups from my guitar were wired in a way I didn't understand and had 2 less wires so I can't replicate it with my new pickups. Wires from the neck pickup were soldered to the bridge volume and tone pots, things like that. When you say ground is that the pots on a guitar? Also what's the difference between soldering them to the 3 prongs on the pots and soldering them directly TO the pots.

What about the negative polarity green wires, where do those go to? And why are there 3 of them, I only have 2 green wires. And why the hell couldn't Lace Sensor just say "Solder the orange wire to the tone pots, then the white wire to the volume pots"?