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.... do you REALLY have five guitarists? :P

Joking aside, i liked it. I think Acoustic or bright pianos sound better than chorused though.

Had a nice sense of ... constant ascending maybe?

The chord progression got a bit old though. i think 67 at least would be a good place to switch it up.

Also felt the re-intro needed something added to it. some fading in and out chords or strings in the background to add to it; we've already heard it twice.

Everything else though was good. Liked your use of harmonies.
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I think intro was too empty. However it had feelings in it. Nice stuff going out there. This song has emotions. Your band has nice amount of guitarists as the other guy said . I found your song somehow repeative. However some nice stuff going out there.

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I'll agree with some of what they said - that intro sounds a little empty - even something like a synth pad or strings or a seashore or just something atmospheric behind to fill the space. The song itself flows well; the dynamics are good and there is a constant sense of tension and release. The riffs and licks all sound good too, although I feel the jump from a whole note to 16th notes in that GDG-EbBbEb-DAD chorus progression thing is a little jarring in tracks 3 and 7. Over all though, I really enjoyed it.

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thank you for your critz i changed it up a bit to get it out of the repetivie side or however tis spelled but yeh thnx again. \m/
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what sick piano do you have that can vibrato?
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