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I got some new stuff mixed for midi. It's gp 5.0 file. What can I tell you about this song.. Don't stop listening it right away, I know it's long but song doesn't start seriously from bar 1 . There will be some nice parts after first ... 50 bars ? I don't know can I name genre really.. Progressive metal? Or maybe just metal. It includes many diffrent riffs and many solos. Many of them are harmonized and one includes delay effect. Song lasts little bit longer than 9 minutes. Enjoy listening . Remember, C4C!
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Holy shit at the GP5 file size, this thing must be long as hell. But whatev.
Nice intro. Nice sinth work, but the drums could use some work. The intro solo fits oretty well, I like it. Nice riff at the beginning of Part 2, but the drumming is a bit to spastic from 62 to 69. 2.1 sounds really good, 2.2 is also really good. Nice solo, but sometimes it sounds a bit off, I dunno (I don't know any theory lol) It flows pretty well to 2.3, and nice sweeping. Lovely harmonization at the second lead from 2.3. Repetition of 2.2, doesn't sound tiring or forced at all. Nice chord usage and drumming at 2.5. The solo is pretty good but it's buried under the mix. Repetition of 2.3, sounds really good, and then repetition of the chordy part (is that a word lol). Wow nice clean break. I shat bricks at the double bass at 201. Nice soloing again, and lovely harmony work at 2.8 solo2. Nice riff at 2.9, nice change of mood, then a return to 2.8. Some more repetitions and then again the chordy part, but this time sounded a bit random, IMO it doesn't really fit. Some more repetitions, yada yada, then THE ENDZORZ in a dissonant chord. Well this is overall pretty awesome, doesn't sound boring at all and it has smooth transitions. Good job, 9/10!
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this is gonna be a doozey isn't it?

here goes.

intro strings: Seemed a bit shallow. i think some chords used with ensemble 2 (the one that fades in and out) would work a bit better.

solo at 33 - nothing flashy, but fits well. bar 38 seems a bit random though.
- Harmony is very well done

transition at 49 needs ... work. alot of work. lol

62 - Drums are awesome, but it feels like the rest of the ensemble isn't keeping up. Add a bit of energy?

2.2 - generic rhythm break. Works though. does what it needs to do
- at 98 i'd switch up the cymbals in the drums as you rephrase the riff.

2.3 - Sweep picking for the win. You know, you're really good with harmonies.

2.4 - riffs getting a bit old by now ... You should think about changing it soon....

2.5! - prayers answered lol. nice little lead snippit here too.

2.6 - i think the guitars need to be a bit more choppy. TRy a sixteenth note with a rest after it instead of an eigth?

189 - good transition. .. i like the bass.

2.9 - i like it. drums are nice and groovey.

2.91 - eh... i think this part was a bit unnecisary. The whole interlude seems to drag a bit.

...Then it continue to drag on until the end.

I liked it, however the last like 4th of it seemed to trail off.

nicely done
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Epic Music! I like the clean intro. Guitar is nice and mellow. When the lead guitar comes in it adds more depth, and the harmonized part sounds really good. At 2.2 you bring in a really heavy riff with a nice groove to it. Together with the drums its a nice heavy chug, sounds badass. It works well as a main riff, and it doesn't get repetitive to me because you've got the keyboard going too. 2.5 is an awesome section, it has a much different feel to it, but the chorded riff is a nice change. I can't decide if I like this riff better than 2.2, but these two parts were my favorite from the entire thing. 2.8 is a good section and through 2.9 I like it. At 2.91 it starts repeating, I think it could use a little more to stand out, maybe keyboard or something. I liked hearing the chorded section again at 2.94.

Overall this is a well thought out track, you are very good at using harmonies in your solos, and there are a lot of great riffs in the song. If you plan to keep working on it, I would focus just on some of the ending sections, and make them more unique since they repeat a few times. Great job though, I really enjoyed it!!
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Thanks for the crit, sorry for the late answer

Hm... to be honest I have one big problem with this song... seems to be too long for its own good. That's a matter of taste though, I like lots of changes and fast process on a song, but with vocals this is probably not boring at all, and I'm pretty sure most will enjoy it a lot more than I do.

Now the whole thing up to 2.2 is quite solid, by-the-book pseudo-epic buildup. Cute lead in the intro, very melodic, and nice transition into the first dist riff. Every instrument from guitars to keys and drums has its right place in the orchestra.

2.2 is my biggest gripe about the song, to me it's just pretty damn boring chugging, and it takes up a lot of the song. At the very least you could have some rhythm variations in it. Solo is nice but I think some of it was off-key - have D# and A# rather than E and B and it'll sound better imo. 2.3 is a little better because it has most orchestration to it, keys help me forgetting about the uninteresting-ness of the guitar riff, and the harmonized leads are very nice.

2.5 reminded me a bit of Burning Angel. A nice melodic yet heavy riff. Well, I like chords. 2.6 is basically 2.3 again, then 2.7 is 2.5. Structure, that's cool.

Neato clean interlude, but the solo is too much wank for this section. Can I haz melodic soft lead for this part? Would fit a lot better. What else... I like what you did with the bass in 2.91 with those high notes. At 2.93 I was starting to think " this is taking too long" if you know what I mean, but then 2.94 snaps me out of it, before going back to the previous section... and then ending... a lot of repetition really. Ah well

As is, 7.5/10. Good potential, well structured and composed with some very nice stuff around, although to be honest I wasn't interested in a considerable part of it, which may be down to taste anyway.