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Hey Guys

Yet another song by me im afraid Well this ones unfinished atm anyway I figured i may as well eek my creativeness dry while I am feeling creative

About the piece: I made it with the song 'Spanish Sahara' by Foals, so It will most likely sound like a cheap rip off Ive also gone with a more conventional sound, ditching the rhodes, although ive still got alot of layering

C4C and midi if thats ok

Thanks Alot

One Way Road.gp5
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It's a little repetitive, but I like it; it reminds me of Explosions In The Sky, in a way, because of how you have the lead keep coming in, but then fading back out.

I think you could do a bit more with the drums, however; seeing as you titled a section "hella yeah" I expected it to be HUGE, but the drums didn't provide enough energy, which might be because they were turned down so far. Then again, maybe it's just coming through my speakers differently than it would for most people. Still, I'm gonna have to check up on this later.