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This is just a little idea I had earlier, I just tabbed it out quickly. I want to make something out of it, but I'm not sure where to take it next. It has a swung feel, which I normally don't use, but I quite like it. It's only really one (Quite generic) riff, with a few changes in what the drums are doing. But my songs tend to be like that, guitar is never too technical.

I'd just like some ideas on how I can expand the piece, and continue it from where I left it off.

C4C can be done. I would like if you left a link (Or something in your sig' will do) though.

... and yes, Dropped A is a bit of a silly tuning. I don't own a 7 string, and don't plan to buy one just yet.
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That sounds really familiar!! I can't place the name of the song though. The drum beat was really catchy, I liked it immediately. The riff works.. it's not too technical but there's nothing wrong with that. I think what you have works good for a start, in my head I imagine you would introduce a new riff where you left off.... have one guitar start playing it a couple times, and then bring the drums and bass back in. It should be a swing riff with the same groove, so you can use a drum pattern that isn't too different. Anyhow, if you want to keep working on this I'd say go for it, it's got potential in my opinion. Good work!

You can check out mine if you want, but it's really long so don't feel obligated. Just if you need something to do, lol
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Quote by supralightning
That sounds really familiar!! I can't place the name of the song though.

'A Tap Dancer's Dilemma ', by Diablo Swing Orchestra? Not exact, but it's what I immediately thought of when I saw the swing feel.

As for my crit for the piece, I only have two recommendations:
- There's an option for a swing feel in the toolbar, that would make reading - and writing this, for your sake! - much easier. You can disable the feel at any point in the song, if you find it necessary (changing from swing to straight rhythm, having different triplet feels .etc.)
- Where you left off, I can imagine a drum and bass pattern; drums based on the rhythmic ostinato you currently have (maybe with some more light tom usage; there are some videos of Gavin Harrison on Youtube performing ideas like it in ''19 Days'' if you'd like to check that out), but with a more embellished bass part - maybe even a walking bass line, based off of diatonic triads and chromatic passing tones, like a lot of jazz does. Over this, I could imagine hearing some guitar pick scrapes and other miscellaneous expressive effects - more for texture and colour than pure melody, so to speak, but still sensibly, of course!

As a side note, I really admire that when the piece came full swing (lolpun) with all the instruments, that the drums didn't consistently accent the ''one'' beat every time; total breath of fresh air!

That's all I can offer for now - there's definitely a foundation for a strong, rhythmically driven, groovy piece. I'd say work on making variations of what you have, using different rhythms over - and behind - melodies so you have more to work with, and of course work on expanding the piece as a song (which you always do with great flair, I'll add). And for ideas, might I recommend giving Diablo Swing Orchestra a listen? What you have just screams them, right now.

If there's anything you'd like me to go into more detail on, or if there's anything in particular I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.
Also, if you wouldn't mind, could you please crit 'Aurora Borealis' in my sig? Thanks in advance if you're able!


EDIT: I've just uploaded a very rough four bar example of a possible bass line (more a groove than something strictly walking), with the swing feel tool used I won't pretend I know anything about jazz bass - honestly, I know only the very basics when it comes to it - but if you like, I can spend some more time on it and get some of the tonalities smoother.
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That drum beat is a lot like the drum beat for Isn't she Lovely by Me First and The Gimmes Gimmes. The riff reminds me a bit of a Queens of the Stone Age song.

I also think this could be a pretty cool piece, especially after that swing bass line in the verse was added.
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I really liked this, and i really look forward to seeing what you do with this. I agree with the person above me, in that i really do feel a QOTSA vibe, expecially with the main guitar riff, using the triplets It actually reminds me of 'No one Knows'

Going in to the verse it might be an idea to add some little fills in at the end, or some fiddly lead bits, Like in 'No One Knows', which should work really well

If you could take a look at my song, Id really appreciate it

Its in my sig, the one called 'One Way Road'