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Are there any other good or perhaps atleast shorter songs than Recuerdos De La Alhambra by Tarrega I can look for to learn? I can get fairly far but the song is very long, I just wanted to know if there were other songs with the constant tremolo , that aren't as long ?

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Una Limosna por el almor de dios by Barrios is a good one.
In the cavatina suite by tansman, one of the movements has a tremolo section.
The Danza from the Invocacion y Danza by Rodrigo has some tremolo as well.

The last 2 are rather difficult. The Rodrigo is a virtuostic piece. I play recuerdos, if its too long just dont repeat some of the sections. If you plan on performing it however, play all the repeats.
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Cry Of The Guitar by Stepan Rak is shorter but the proper way to play it would involve the pinky finger to play but on the music I have, it also suggests normal tremolo.

El Ultimo Tremolo by Barrios is also a good piece to learn.
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sorry this is not short. Its actually longer
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