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I've written the intro to my first song, but now I'm stuck. I, at this point, have no idea where I want the lyrics to go, let alone what the song should be about...

Does the intro sound any good? I've attached the Power Tab file.

Guitar I is written in B minor; whereas, guitar II is written in B Harmonic minor.

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Number One.ptb
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i'm afraid i don't have powertab, but i can help you with one crucial issue:

harmonic minor is not a key. it is a scale, and (by alteration) fits into the key of B minor. not to mention you typically don't write two instruments in different keys. you could, but it seems like you're just beginning to write songs -- polytonality comes waaaay later.

good luck, friend. sorry i can't be of more help.
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I think I like the name "Stuck on Intro." I think I'll name this one that instead of Number One. That's just what I needed; now I know what the song will be about. About things beginning but never ending, and the song build suspense until everything got to metaphorical hell, and the beat gets mixed a bit untill an eventual fade-out.

Hmm... a guy who's slowly going insane, until he snaps, gives up, and embraces the insanity... interesting... probably been done before...

Cool, now back to writing.