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I really do love rock music but I find that I is much harder to find newer albums that suit my taste- does anyone have any recommendations? I hate screaming BTW
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If you like classic rock then check out the Answer they're pretty good...
Any other genres that you like specifically or fav bands? your post was bit vague...
Slash's solo album is pretty awesome and has a variety of different singers that might get you into their individual bands...
I'm listening to a lot of Biffy Clyro atm as I've just discovered them...
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I've found out that many classic rock fans actually enjoy Muse. That band is a good starting point
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Check out the "Rocommendations Thread #2" stickied to the top of the Classic Rock Forum here.

The Deadstring Brothers and Tishamingo are two of my favorites.

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EDIT: Huh, it seems you did check it out... ?...
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