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I strongly suggest you either take out the rythm jazz section from all those beggining sections or make it much less loud - it clouds the piece and it's much too present in the entire song, making it kind of drill into your head. If it was subtle it might work but at the moment it'S entirely too loud.

Work on your mixing man, I understand the smooth, droning feel you're going for, but in this kind of piece dynamic between the instruments is extremely important. To really put to the forefront certain sections and instruments and let others take the back, and then really accentuate certain parts.

The solo is pretty sweet, I really liked it.

Overall work on the dynamic and the accentuation of certain melodies - I understand the feel and it's well constructed for what it sets out to achieve, but the mixing is subpar.
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Quote by ultrasonic
Thanks mate Could someone please export this as midi ?



It's saved as a gp5 file, so I take it that you own guitar pro 5? Then why not export it yourself? :p
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You say you can't hear Guitar Pro or MIDI? Go to your volume control and set the SW Synth up again, it sometimes automatically goes down to zero.