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Really like this. I can hear the lyrics perfectly with it, works great in a sort of Smiths way. Like depressing, but witty lyrics with really happy music. Even if the music hear is happy in a deranged, chaotic sort of way

Without the lyrics it's not much, but with them it's great. Love the references and themes in the lyrics. Also, I love how the melody seems to deteriorate towards the end and get more and more...weird. I can imagine the last repeating section of the lyrics being sort of screamed over it in a Nirvana sort of way? If that's anything like what you envision...

I also really like the unnecessary bass bends at the very end Noise after the track like that...very Nirvana again. The whole song in general reminds of the Pixies tbh. As does most Nirvana. I can really imagine Black Francis style vocals over it.

8.5/10 (music could be more imaginative, but it works)
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