Hey i was just trying to play guitar and i noticed my tubescreamer did not seem to be working. it is plugged in correctly and whether it is turned on or off i can change the distortion up or down as well as the power level and tone. when i try pressing down the pedal to turn it on or off there is no change whatsoever. does anyone have any tips or have had something similar happen to them?
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check the switch it might not be triggering?
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anyway of me solving this problem without opening it up lol?
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I just got a ts9 and I'm thinking of returning it for a turbo ts9dx.

Maybe you could carefully remove the 4 screws and remove the housing and see that the mechanism is functioning properly. It should click and led should also come off/on.

Other than that I don't know, I've never looked inside mine.
led light goes on and off it just that there is no difference in at all from on to off. the weird thing is even when it's off i can mess around with the volume and distortion and tone settings.
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honestly sounds like a short connection or the damn things fried...so no, you are gonna have to open it up to see whats wrong. Good luck.
arghh I know nothing about electronics at all. I have a couple cousins that actually build and mod xbox's and stuff. i think one builds his own guitar effects also. perhaps they will know. Would guitar center be able to fix it you think or would the best bet is to get one of my cousins to do it?
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DIY. No other time than now to learn right?
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might be aloose wire at the jacks?
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