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New song ive been working on for a while... the transitions are ugly and im a noob at tracking drums so any help there would be great

C4C just post your link

I'm really not sure of the genre actually but it has elements of Metal, Rock, and i guess a little hardcore.

Thanks again

cool introooo metal riff.gp5
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I like the first bad transition part and the chorus the best. The intro is kinda meh. Could use a solo at the beginning. The middle acoustic part is cool. But use full chords instead of power chords on the backing track. And under the solo part the chords could be switched up a little. But its pretty good. If you wanna crit any of my stuff, go to my profile and listen to Damned in Paradise. Its a work in progress. But yeah I like your song. And I thought the drums were pretty good.
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I actually dig it.
At first I didn't know wether it wasn't too "metal-ish" for me, but the chorus made up for that.
What instruments/style of vocals were you planning to use for it anyway?

The "bad transition" wasnt that bad after all, you just slacked off at the end a bit.
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Ill crit once i get back home.

Umm as for vocals i was planning on having a clean chorus and the 1st verse clean with some background screams. Verse 2 and the interlude with cleans/ screams.
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As the guy above me said. You have some really good riffs here and there. But it overall sounds just thrown together structure wise. With some work on it and a proper rhythm section you could have one hell of a song.
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I liked it for what it was, which was really nothing special. theres no glaring flaws in it and there definitely SHOULD NOT be a solo in the beginning, I don't understand why theres always going to be someone around here insistent on a song having a solo. >.>

I hate the melody and chord at bars 120 and 128. hate. try messing around with that.

anyway, its definitely got its moments. the climax is pretty powerful.

your drum parts do need work though. the drum parts you actually have I mean. The intro needs more snare to emphasize, I get what you were doing in the beginning with just the kick and the china but when the rhythm goes in 16ths you gotta get some snare in there. as far the 'bad transition', throw a fast little drum fill in there and it'll instantly work I think.

Normally I'm all for using the intro as the outro but I don't think it worked in this case, you need to either come up with a different part or end it at bar 163. it just doesn't give the song closure.

I think my criticism can be summed up by saying that you just need to take a little more time with it, go through every little part and ask yourself 'is this the best thing for the song?'. Guarantee you'll find yourself making a lot of positive changes. some of which I'm sure have been mentioned already.