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This started out as just doodling, I wouldn't say it's 100% finished, I bet some edges could use some sanding, maybe make it longer, but anyway...

The song is not extremely long, has 2 solos, clean and distortion parts, I think it's pretty well done, give it a listen. C4C

Suggestions are well welcome

(I didn't really know what to name the song parts so if there's mistakes in that, sorry but who cares xD)

(Just putting it out there that... I highly suggest listening to it in GP5)

- Saka

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Interesting song, I think it's pretty good overall - easy listening and pleasant to the ears, nice flow to it. The sections themselves are not very long though, it seems like the pace is never really set properly in the song; like the energy goes up for a bit and dies off soon, and it repeats that throughout the song. Perhaps lengthening the sections might be a good idea.

Solo 1 was an impeccable solo, I really enjoyed the feeling it had, sounded really cool Except! for bar 53 and the four measures of the same; it got repetitive after a while.

But then again, the energy goes back up and.. just dies down right afterwards, again.

Interlude is, again, very nice, I enjoyed it. The tempo switch though is kind of rough - might be GP, might not be, I do not know.

Outro solo is not nearly as good as the previous one... kind of drags on and it gets annoying rather quickly.

I suggest - longer themes with more variation - more emphasis on making long buildups and finishing them in stronger climaxes - and reworking the repetition in solos - making it memorable and a hook does not necessarily mean repeating exactly the same thing.

Not bad man. Mind critiquing my piece, Sensory Overload? It's in my signature.
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I agree with JazzDeath, very interesting song.

Intro works pretty good, I like the drums, they sit just right in it.
The theme, wow, it sounds like it belongs in a movie soundtrack to me its pretty epic.
Solo 1 is damn good, I wouldn't change a thing. And I actually think the tempo change following sounds pretty clean.
I really like the first part of the interlude, bars 69-76, but I'm kinda bored of the little acoustic bit after bar 77. Nevertheless, it all sounds pleasant.
Great way to end on the theme, I really think it sounds great. But the solo, I expect something a bit more. It doesn't really seem to go anywhere.

Overall, this is a sweet song though.