I'm just going to use the same graphic as the last thread (https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1310736), kindly ignore the red circles:

(Click th image for a larger version)

as you can see from the graphic, the second base part is on the bottom and is grayed out... the problem is that gray is too light and sometimes i miss some notes as i dont see it... is there anyway to change that to a different color?

Click Edit > Voices > Edit Voice 2 (Bass).
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What I want to know is why the ****ers had to make it so that you can't see all voices all at once when someone writes them in two voices? I mean, personally I don't get the whole use of that outside of finger-picking....

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Try pressing F11 once, it changes the "dynamic notes" option

The TS wanted an answer to this question in 2010. Don't bring back long dead threads like that.
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Got my answer a couple of years back, but thanks for replying anyway guys :P
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