I just recently visited my great grandfather and he had his old guitar sitting in the corner. I helped him get it back in tune, but he can't play very much on his own because his hands bother him from age. He bought the guitar about 20 - 30 years ago for about 200$ and I was just wondering if anyone knew much about early fender acoustics like this. The top is spruce and the sides and back are mahogany. I'm not sure what the fretboard and head stock laminate are made of though. It looks like some type of rosewood, but I'm not sure. The model is a Fender F-210 and the serial number is A5219539. Any information you can provide would be very appreciated because we are both interested in what the details are as well as what the history may be behind it because it will be an heirloom that either my brother or I will keep in memory of our great grandfather. I forgot to take pictures in case anyone wanted to see it but I can provide them later if anyone is interested.
I cannot be sure about "old" fenders, but the new ones are crap , I know this from experience.
Yea, I'm not finding much on it and I really don't play fenders, but I figured someone on here probably is a fender fanatic that knows something more than I already know.