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I know there was a thread like this before but I thought it was cool so I thought i'd recreate it. Maximum 3 guitars and maximum 2 amps and unlimited stompboxes and rack gear. Here's mine

Style: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal


- Gibson Les Paul Custom - Black with chrome hardware - Drop C# tuning

- Gibson Les Paul Standard - Fade Vintage burst, flamed maple top and chrome hardware - Drop C# tuning

- Gibson Les Paul Custom - Wine Red with chrome hardware - Drop C tuning


- GHS Boomers (10-52) - Drop C#

- GHS Boomers (11-54) - Drop C


- Mesa/Boogie Triple Rectifier

- Mesa/Boogie 4x12 Recto Cabs


- Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

- Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble

- MXR M-108 Ten Band EQ

- MXR ZW-44 Wylde Overdrive

- Crybaby DB-01 Dimebag Wah from Hell

- Korg Pitchblack Tuner

Gibson Explorer '76 Classic White (got it)
Gibson Les Paul Studio Ebony or Alpine White with gold hardware


Laney GH100L with Marshall 1960A cabinet


Boss GT-10 (have it)

That's all.
Guitars: Ibanez Prestige RGA121, Natural Maple Top, EMG's; Gibson Custom Les Paul, Black with Gold Hardware and EMG's; ESP EC-1000, Gloss Black with Black Nickel Hardware, EMG's

Strings: Ernie Ball Beefy Slinkies

Amps: Peavey 6505+ with 4 Mesa 4x12's; Mesa Mark V with 4 Mesa 4x12's

Effects: TubeScreamer, BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i, Boss NS-2, Line 6 DL4, Korg Rack Tuner
Modern Rock, Alternative, Experimental

Variable but a mixture of D'addario, Dean Markley, and Elixer

Fender American Deluxe Telecaster
Gibson ES-335
Paul Reed Smith Custom 24

Mesa Boogie Stiletto Trident w/ matching Mesa 4x12
Vox AC30

Fulltone Fulldrive 2
Xotic AC Booster
TC Electronic Nova Delay
Way Huge Aqua Puss
Electro Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb
Vox Big Bad Wah
Ernie Ball 500k Stereo/Pan Volume
Boss TU-3 Tuner
Fender Telecaster
DeArmond M series
Vox Night Train 15 head w/Weber loaded 1x12
Dunlop DVP3 Volume (X)
Klone circuit/Russian Big Muff 2in 1
Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET
TC Electronic Nova Delay
TC Electronic Nova Repeater
Line 6 M5
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Style - Classic Rock and Blues


Case Guitars J1 Flamed Top
Case Guitars J3
Feline Guitars Lion
Stevens Custom Guitars T-Hollow


Rotosound 10's


JMI 15 Twin
JMI 30/6
Cornford MK50 II
MJW Roadstar 18
CEC Amps SuckerPunch


Rothwell Hellbender
Rothwell Heartbreaker
Wampler Analog Echo
Wampler Spring Reverb
Dr.Scientist Cosmichorus
Homemade 7 band EQ Pedal
Homemade RangeMaster Treble Booster
Homemade Clean boost
Homemade Buffer
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You'll find whisky very different, but try it and you'll grow into it, soon you and whisky are one, but still two, lovers dancing across a frozen lake under moonlight, wrapped in honey and warmth.

Sums up whisky perfectly
Guitars: Fender American Standard Tele in Sunburst with maple neck
PRS singlecut
Fender Jaguar

Orange Rockerverb 100 with matching 2x12
Mesa single recto

Pedals: Maxon 808, 2 Dl4's, tuner, Boss super chorus, catalinbread DLS, Death by Audio octave clang, various boutique pedals.

Epi LP Prophesy EX
Gibson LP Standard Traditional Pro
Gibson Custom Silverburst LP
Jackson RR5 Rhoads
(3) Jackson RR24 Rhoads(Red, Yellow, and a Custom Blue)
Gibson Custom Rising Sun Explorer
ESP Custom EX.

Jet City JCA100
EVH 5150 III

EVH cab
Marshall Dave Mustane Cab

Ernie Ball Power Slinky


Dunlop Rack CryBaby> Boss GE-7> Blackstar HT-DistX>MXR Wylde OD>MXR Black Label Chorus> Line 6 M9/13> Boss NS-2> DigiDesign Eleven Rack.

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PRS SE Torero
Dean Razorback
Gibson Explorer 7-string
My gear:
Epiphone Les Paul Custom Ebony
Roland Cube-30
Boss TU-80
Crappy acoustic
Quote by rokket2005
Dream Rig? Oh you must mean this:

Well ive posted in these like 6 times but o well...


Gibson Classic White Explorer (x)
Gibson SG Special (x)
Ibanez PGM (x)
Parker Fly Deluxe


Bogner Ecstasy 101b (x)
Bogner 4x12 with vintage 30's and g120h's in an x pattern


Boss RC-2 (x)
Eventide TimeFactor
Boss CE-5 (x)
Dr. Scientist Radical Red Reverberator
Boss Pedal Tuner

DBX Quadgate
Furman Power Conditioner
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Originally Posted by StewieSwan
schtick_bomb is actually a Tare. An evil race of aliens from the planet Nibiru who have come to fight the power of Jesus Christ.

Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom Alpine white.
Gibson ES355
some more of these two in different colours

Amp: Marshall DSL 100 (already owned)
Orange 4x12 cab

And a few nice pedals. nothing special realy

-Schecter Tempest Custom
-Ibanez EW20WNE-NT
-Digitech Bad Monkey
-Boss TU-3
-Boss NS-2
-ibanez PM7
Metal Setup:
DBZ Bird Of Prey White with gold hardware (including pickup covers on the emgs)
Backup PRS SE Torero
A 7 string, Music Man JP Signature (another for backup)

I'd probably say Framus Dragon Top but i'm not sure on what head i'd like
probably would go with a framus 4x12 loaded with V30's \m/

My wah pedal (90's Mr. Crybaby)
Digitech whammy
Some mxr chorus or something some chorus that sounds awesome distorted lol

a Funk setup too!
My G&L ASAT classic (maple neck blonde stain finish)
Probably another for backup
A 60's Arctic white fender strat with a maple fretboard + neck

Vox AC30(vintage classic one)
Or maybe a marshall class 5

The same wah pedal as in my metal setup
A chorus which is good at light dabs of chorus.
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'79 dean ml

marshall jcm 800
marshall jcm 900
marshall 1960a
marshall 1960b

ehx big muff
ehx clone theory
ehx holy grail
mxr 10 band eq
dunlop dime crybaby from hell
ibanex tube screamer
boss-ns2 noise suppressor

i have all those minus the 900 and the dean, mine's korean made.
fender aerodyne jazz bass>mxr el grande bass fuzz>boss odb-3>dunlop crybaby bass wah>randall rba 500 es/ampeg 8x10
Strat (have it)
Gretsch Electromatic

Diezel VH4
Orange RV50
both with Orange cabs

maybe a G Major rackmount with midi floor controls.
'87 Fender Strat
Oscar Schmidt Archtop
Laney LC15R

Ibanez EGEN8
Ibanez S670 (natural wood one)
Fender tele (again natural wood, no idea which one!)

Mesa Mark V
Egnater Rebel 30

Legacy 4x12
Orange 1x12

TC electronic G system
Boss FZ5
possibly an external delay, Line 6 DL4
Digitech Whammy

AKG guitar wireless stuff

EDIT styles: rock, metal, jazz, worship. pretty much anything.
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A lot of people complain about these sort of threads, but I love 'em. Especially when they're bumped old ones, it's great to see how my tastes have changed!

Guitars -

Godin Progression - In Trans Caramel with a Maple fretboard, other than that all stock.
Godin Progression - In Vintage Burst with a Rosewood fretboard, Bareknuckle Irish Tour pickups.
Ibanez JEM7BSB - All stock.

Amps -

Cornford Roadhouse 30 combo.
Cornford Hellcat combo (most likely combo due to ease but possibly I'd get it as head/cab).

Effects -

Flynn Amps Rory Gallagher Hawkbooster.
Maxon VOP-9
Eventide Timefactor
Eventide Modfactor
J.A.C. Jfet Audio Compression
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Morley Bad Horsie II Wah.

I think that's all I'd need in the pedal department.
This is fairly realistically speaking also, so I haven't opted for "First strat ever made evearrarar" sorta stuff.
Though this has made me realise that my dream rig is a mash of Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Rory Gallagher and Dave Weiner.
Style: Progressive Metal mostly

- My Virgo with its Q-Tuners.
- The 8-String V I'm going to build this autumn with Kahler 7328, Lundgren M8, Q-Tuner BL-5, Neck-through, walnut/maple/carbon neck, probably birch horns.
- A Tele would be awesome sometime. Bird's Eye maple tele...

- Elixir coated .010-.052

- Line6 HD147 + Orange PPC412
- Engl Invader + Orange PPC412

You guys aren't thinking big enough!


Custom Ran Cruiser

                              Ibanez LACS S-Series

                                                          Original 1959 Gibson Les Paul


                                                          Diezel Herbert
                                                          Engl SE EL-34


                                                          Mills Acoustics Afterburner w/ EVM-12Ls
                                                          Mills Acoustics Afterburner w/ V30s and GK100s


                                                          T.C. Eletronics G-System
                                                          Quote by Dave_Mc
                                                          I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
                                                          Quote by jj1565
                                                          maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

                                                          This has been done a million times, but...


                                                          1959 Gibson Les Paul
                                                          1962 Fender Stratocaster and/or Jazzmaster
                                                          Gretsch White Falcon


                                                          Vox AC30
                                                          Fender 'Blackface' Deluxe Reverb


                                                          Diamond Memory Lane
                                                          Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
                                                          -Epiphone G-400
                                                          -Ibanez WH10v2
                                                          -Vox AC4tv
                                                          -Vintage V300
                                                          If money was no object...


                                                          • Diezel Herbert KT88/EL34 w/Diezel FL V30 4x12 for the br00talz - Slipknot, Korn, Faith No More
                                                          • Diezel VH4 6L6 w/Mills V30/K100 4x12 X pattern for the tightness - Tool, The Ocean, Opeth
                                                          • Matamp 40 watt 1224 MkII w/GT1 preamp and Matamp 65 watt Heritage 2x12 for doom/stoner rock - Neurosis, Melvins, Kyuss
                                                          • Soldano SLO100 w/Depth Knob & 4x12 w/Eminence Legend V12 for High on Fire and 80's shred
                                                          • Titan Custom for everything
                                                          • Axe Fx Ultra for bedroom recording - Meshuggah, Cynic, Moby
                                                          • Fargen Mini Plex Mk11 for my bedroom/gigging naughty blues - SRV, Clapton, Page
                                                          • Matamp Spirit 4 watt combo

                                                          • Empress VM Superdelay for my digital delays and complete control
                                                          • Toneczar Echoczar for my analog delay tones
                                                          • Malekko Analog Phaser and Chorus
                                                          • Diamond Vibrato and Tremolo for warble heaven
                                                          • OKKO CocaComp
                                                          • Homebrew Frostbite Flanger
                                                          • MJM London Fuzz for my Hendrix tunes
                                                          • D*A*M Deluxe Meathead for my stoner rock tones - used with Matamp
                                                          • Dwarfcraft Shiva for my velcro fuzz tones
                                                          • Death By Audio Robot for sick-ass 8-bit fuzz
                                                          • OHNOHO Chk Chk Boom for weird noises
                                                          • Audible Disease Rupture RP-2 for more weird noises
                                                          • Toneczar Openhaus for nasty, tasty distortion
                                                          • OKKO Dominator
                                                          • Tone Freak Severe for more high gain
                                                          • Lovepedal Eternity
                                                          • Xotic BB Preamp w/mid boost for a little Andy Timmons compression
                                                          • Timmy
                                                          • Toneczar Expression Pedal
                                                          • Pigtronix Mothership Analog Synthesizer for everything that is cooooool!

                                                          • Jaden Rose Guitars Original Series w/flamed maple top 7-string
                                                          • G&L ASAT Special Tribute Blueburst
                                                          • Yamaha SG800/1000 in Wineburst
                                                          • Hufschmid Blackdroid Baritone 7-string
                                                          • Blackmachine Fanned Fret 8-string
                                                          • Gibson Les Paul Custom Silverburst
                                                          • Duesenbery Starplayer Bigsby Trem Blue Sparkle
                                                          Time to put my greedy wishes on the internet (complete with pictures)




                                                                                Quote by user_nameless
                                                                                You can go ahead and sponge my bob.


                                                                                Quote by halo43
                                                                                When you date a vegetarian, you're the only meat they'll ever eat.
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                                                                                Schecter C-1 Classic in Flame Transparent Blue (got it)
                                                                                Gibson Les Paul Alpine White
                                                                                Fender 1962 Stratocaster Sunburst

                                                                                Bogner Shiva or Ecstasy
                                                                                Egnater Tweaker (SO CLOSE!)

                                                                                Cabs: TBD

                                                                                Way too many to list...
                                                                                John Frusciante
                                                                                Jeff Beck
                                                                                Matt Bellamy
                                                                                Jack White

                                                                                HT-5 Owners Thread

                                                                                Owner of an 1/4 watt custom combo.

                                                                                Quote by Garou1911
                                                                                ^This man speaks the language of win.

                                                                                Donate to my cause

                                                                                -My Jaguar with some new pickups (check)
                                                                                -Some sort of tele in butterscotch blonde


                                                                                -Marshall JTM45 or clone
                                                                                -Some little 50s tweed amp (Champ or Deluxe maybe)
                                                                                -Matchless Cobra
                                                                                (This is just amps I would have. Live I would use either the marshall or matchless)


                                                                                -EHX DMM (check)
                                                                                -Nice germanium Fuzz Face clone
                                                                                -Red Witch Moon Phaser
                                                                                -Tonebender clone, or another nice fuzz
                                                                                -Lovepedal Eternity
                                                                                -old tape echo (copicat, selmer, whatever I can get)
                                                                                -Malekko Ekko 616 or something
                                                                                -EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress
                                                                                -A whole bunch of crazy stuff I'd barely use but is fun to have! (insane fuzzes, ring mod, filters, bitcrusher....)
                                                                                Quote by XxLloydxX
                                                                                How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
                                                                                My CIJ Jag + Pup upgrades
                                                                                My MIM Tele + Pup upgrades
                                                                                My MIM strat set up for C/C#
                                                                                Yamaha SG2000
                                                                                Jackson DK2
                                                                                Fender Jazzmaster with P90s squeezed in
                                                                                Gretsch Electromatic
                                                                                Kinda GASing for a Blade RH4 atm too

                                                                                Vox AC15HTVH
                                                                                2x12 (With greenbacks)

                                                                                Orange Thunderverb 50 (Depending on how the thunder 30 is)
                                                                                My PPC112

                                                                                Matamp GT1 (But greeeen)
                                                                                Matching Green 4x12 + Celestion Hots

                                                                                Ampeg VH140c
                                                                                With some cab

                                                                                My vox wah pimped out (Maybe replace it with a WH10.)
                                                                                MXR Custom Comp (Instead of the dyna)
                                                                                Devi Dark Boost (Once i get it working)
                                                                                Rangemaster Clone
                                                                                My Catalinbread SK
                                                                                My Barber Dirty Bomb
                                                                                Way Huge Swollen Pickle
                                                                                Devi Soda Meiser (With mod to flip to Q3 to make it a VFM)
                                                                                Some kind of fuzz face
                                                                                Vintage RI Big Box Proco Rat
                                                                                My volume pedal
                                                                                My Small Clone
                                                                                My Nano Stone
                                                                                Some kind of tremolo
                                                                                Maybe a flanger
                                                                                An analogue delay (Prolly EHX)
                                                                                My Akai Headrush
                                                                                EHX Cathedral (to replace the grail)

                                                                                Gibson Les Paul Traditional-->Gold Top [Thank god I have this!!!, reminds me, have to post a NGD, lol]

                                                                                Gibson Les Paul Custom VOS '59 --> Tobacco Sunburst
                                                                                PRS Custom 24 with a Floyd.
                                                                                Gibson ES 335
                                                                                Brian May Red Special
                                                                                Fender Strat--> SSS --> Wine Red


                                                                                Marshall AFD-100 with matching cab. (No, not a slash fanboy, just from the vids, I like the sound)
                                                                                Vox AC30 (50th anniversary?)
                                                                                Marshall Vintage Modern
                                                                                Fender Twin Reverb

                                                                                Slash Wah
                                                                                Ibanez Tubescreamer
                                                                                TC Electronics Nova System/ Carl Martin quatro
                                                                                Boss Acoustic sim
                                                                                Fulltone OCD
                                                                                Treble Booster
                                                                                10-band EQ

                                                                                Gibson Brite wires (10's)
                                                                                Ofc you like the sound, if slash was playing through a 70$ crate amp it would still sound great. Imo if you weren't told what the amp was you'd think its a high end marshall.

                                                                                I think you guys are going over the top with this number of gear.

                                                                                I'd go with Marshall 2555 , which im actually looking to buy atm.
                                                                                Sturdy 2x12 cab with V30 inside ( maybe orange )
                                                                                Mxr 10 band eq
                                                                                Maybe a Chorus / Reverb pedal
                                                                                Dunlop wah
                                                                                either a Gibson Gold top with low output pickups or Slash's latest signature

                                                                                That's all pretty much
                                                                                No crazy half page list of gear , still my dream gear.
                                                                                and remember , 90% of the tone you hear comes from you not the amp and in no way having your dream gear will make you any better player.
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                                                                                Ibanez DTT700 (Custom Model / My own sig version)
                                                                                Ibanez RG3620Z
                                                                                Parker NiteFly Custom
                                                                                Gibson Explorer Custom
                                                                                Fender Jaguar Custom

                                                                                Orange RK100 Head
                                                                                Orange Custom Amp
                                                                                Vox AC30CC2X Custom Classic
                                                                                Marshall Custom Stack

                                                                                A sh*tload of effects.

                                                                                Ibanez K5
                                                                                Warwick Rockbass Vampyre 4

                                                                                Line 6 Bass Pod XT Live
                                                                                Epiphone Les Paul Custom
                                                                                1957 Fender Stratocaster, Sunburst
                                                                                1961 Gibson SG, Classic White
                                                                                ESP M-II, Black, Ebony fretboard, EMG 81-60
                                                                                Parker NiteFly, Natural
                                                                                Ibanez RG3550z, Galaxy White, DiMarzio Super Distortion-Chopper-PAF Pro

                                                                                Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ into VC2x12 (Celestion V30, Celstion G12T-75)
                                                                                Hughes and Kettner TriAmp MKII into VC4x12 (2 Celestion V30's, 2 Celestion G12T-75's)
                                                                                Matchless Chieftain into ES212 (Customized Celestion G12H30 and Celestion 12M Greenback)
                                                                                1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee into matching 2x12 (2 Celestion V30's <- might change)

                                                                                Fulltone Clyde Deluxe
                                                                                MXR M-108 10 Band EQ
                                                                                Maxon OD808
                                                                                Tortuga Yeti Fuzz
                                                                                ISP Decimator ProRack G
                                                                                Voodooo Lab GCX Switch Board
                                                                                TC Electronic G-System

                                                                                Might add a few more guitars
                                                                                Gibson Memphis ES-335
                                                                                Fender 62 RI Telecaster Custom
                                                                                Martin D-28

                                                                                Bruno Cowtipper 45 (no reverb)
                                                                                Germino Lead 55 LV

                                                                                VHT 2/50/2 power amp (6l6) acting as the wet amp in this w/d/w rig

                                                                                2 Mojo Custom order 412 (EV12L)
                                                                                *essentially 2 212 cabinets in a 412 housing

                                                                                Kriz Kraft 12 space rack
                                                                                Furman AR-15 Series II voltage regulator/power conditioner
                                                                                TC Electronics 2290 Delay
                                                                                Demeter RV-1 Stereo Spring Reverb
                                                                                CAE Custom Line Mixer
                                                                                **effects drawers
                                                                                -Analogman Sunface NKT275 w/ Sundial
                                                                                -FoxRox Octron
                                                                                -FoxRox Aquavibe
                                                                                -Retrosonic Phaser
                                                                                -Keeley Compressor
                                                                                -Analogman King of Tone 4-jack
                                                                                -Paul C. Timmy
                                                                                -Mad Professor Mellow Yellow
                                                                                -Analogman BiChorus
                                                                                -Diamond Memory Lane 2
                                                                                -T.Rex Replica
                                                                                CAE Custom Router/ System Interface
                                                                                CAE Custom Amp Selector
                                                                                SSL XLogic Alpha Mic Pre + Klark DI box (for acoustic)

                                                                                *On the floor
                                                                                -LiquidFoot Pro Midi Controller
                                                                                -RMC Picture Wah
                                                                                -EB Volume/Expression Pedal
                                                                                -Sonic Research Tuner
                                                                                -Tap Temp box

                                                                                Suhr Line out boxes
                                                                                Mogami cables
                                                                                built by Bob Bradshaw
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                                                                                post your thread that has been created 1100000 times

                                                                                oh well, might as well

                                                                                PRS Artist III
                                                                                PRS Private Stock Torero model
                                                                                G&L ASAT Classic

                                                                                Fryette Sig:X with matching 4x12"
                                                                                JMI (or vintage Vox) AC30 Top Boost head with 2x12 celestion alnico blue cabinet

                                                                                Bad Cat "The Leash" Attenuator
                                                                                Morely A/B/Y switcher
                                                                                Korg Pitchblack +
                                                                                TC Electronics G System
                                                                                Vox Big Bad Wah
                                                                                Line 6 Relay G90 wireless
                                                                                T Rex Fueltank
                                                                                Pedaltrain pedalboard

                                                                                Strings: Optima Gold 9s
                                                                                Picks: Dunlop Ultex Jazz IIIs + my fingers
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                                                                                Style: Punk/Metal/Industrial/Experimental/Noise


                                                                                - Ibanez SZ520

                                                                                - Ibanez ORM-1 modded with an EMG81TWX and EMG SPC and EMG EXG active tone circuits

                                                                                - well, since it's drøms, some sorta custom stringthru, Gibraltar 3'd Ibanez S7


                                                                                - Peavey Nashville, h4x0r'd into a head, sitting on a Saxon diag 2x12, upholstered in fuzz

                                                                                - custom solid state preamp, based on an SLM SS/VH/GX/GT, with a 'sweep' control


                                                                                - Line 6 POD X3

                                                                                - Boss GE-7 Seven Band EQ

                                                                                - MXR M-108 Ten Band EQ

                                                                                - Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal

                                                                                - Boss MT-2 Metalzone

                                                                                - Marshall Jackhammer

                                                                                - BBE Sonic Maximizer
                                                                                No gods, no countries, no masters.
                                                                                More guitar, less Ultimate-Guitar.
                                                                                Be Serious.
                                                                                Shorties represent!
                                                                                Ibanez SZ520/Ibanez ORM-1/Ibanez RG7321/Pocket POD/Crate GX/Boss HM-2
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                                                                                Dream rig...

                                                                                Almost there, Sorta.

                                                                                Basically, For my dream touring/studio rig it'd be


                                                                                6 PRS Custom 24's

                                                                                (1) Main
                                                                                (1) Main *Drop D*
                                                                                (1) Backup
                                                                                (1) Backup *Drop D*
                                                                                (1) Alternative Tuning
                                                                                (1) Alternative Tuning Backup


                                                                                (4) Sennheiser EW 500 G3's *rack mounted*

                                                                                Tour Supply Multi-Selector (running with Wireless)


                                                                                D'Addario 10's


                                                                                *Run in stereo*

                                                                                (2) Mesa Boogie S1 Road King Heads

                                                                                (2) Palmer Cab Simulators with 8 ohm load box


                                                                                Custom built Mogami with Neutrik connectors


                                                                                BOSS GT-PRO


                                                                                RJM MasterMind & RG-16 to control both Mesa's and have some external effects

                                                                                External Effects

                                                                                Tube Screamer (or MXR OD)

                                                                                65 Amps Treble Booster

                                                                                MXR Smart Gate

                                                                                Synths, Synths, Synths

                                                                                Maybe a Rack Wah by Dunlop/Cry Baby
                                                                                Quote by bemiswins
                                                                                if someone flames you on the internet for music you like, they fail.

                                                                                Here's my YouTube if anyone wants to see some of my videos.

                                                                                Ernie Ball MusicMan JP7
                                                                                Schecter Hellraiser 006
                                                                                Mesa Boogie Road King s.2
                                                                                Mesa Boogie 4x12 Recto cab

                                                                                Ibanez Keeley TS-9
                                                                                TC Electronics G-Force
                                                                                Amp Gizmo
                                                                                Voodoo Labs GCX
                                                                                Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro
                                                                                Yeah right. In my dreams. Ill win the lottery one day.

                                                                                -ESP JP Horizon III - red, 12s for Drop C#
                                                                                -custom designed/made guitar
                                                                                -solid mahogany body
                                                                                -maple thru-neck
                                                                                -ebony fretboard w/ compound radius
                                                                                -Wilkinson trem, Schaller locking tuners, graphite nut, Dimarzio H-S-H pickups
                                                                                -self-done swirl job
                                                                                -Caparison TAT II - frozen sky finish, 12s for Eb standard
                                                                                -Jackson Demmelition V - red/black finish, 12s for Drop C

                                                                                -Soldano SLO > Soldano 412 cab w/ Eminence speakers
                                                                                -Framus Cobra > Soldano 412 cab w/ Eminence speakers
                                                                                -Bogner Ecstacy 101B > Orange 412 cab
                                                                                -Fender Twin Reverb

                                                                                -EHX Black Finger Comp
                                                                                -Morley Mark Tremonti Wah
                                                                                -ISP Decimator
                                                                                -Radial ABY switch
                                                                                -Korg rack tuner
                                                                                -Fulltone OCD
                                                                                -Visual Sound V2 Liquid Chorus
                                                                                -MXR Carbon Copy delay
                                                                                -MXR Phase 90
                                                                                The world doesn't revolve around you. If it does, beware. You're probably about to pass out drunk.

                                                                                The 19 year old who knows his stuff. Most of the time.
                                                                                My Dream rig... hum, with i was all made of money:


                                                                                Gibson Les Paul 59
                                                                                Gibson EDS 1275
                                                                                Fender Telecaster 52
                                                                                Fender Stratocaster 60
                                                                                Gretsch Due Jet Firebird
                                                                                Gretsch 6121


                                                                                Marshall JTM45 / 4x12 match
                                                                                Marshall Vintage Modern / 4x12 match
                                                                                JMI AC30 combo
                                                                                Fender Twin Reverb Combo
                                                                                Mesa Boggie Triple Rectifier / match 4x12


                                                                                Roland RE-201 Space Echo
                                                                                EHX Deluxe Memory Man
                                                                                Eventide Time Factor
                                                                                Eventide Pitch Factor
                                                                                Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe
                                                                                Boss CE - 1
                                                                                MXR 1974 Phase 90
                                                                                EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress
                                                                                Fulltone Supatrem
                                                                                Dallas arbiter Fuzz Face
                                                                                Ibanez TS 808
                                                                                Dallas Arbiter Rangemaster
                                                                                Fulltone Real Mcoy Wha deluxe


                                                                                ... back to reality


                                                                                Gibson Studio VMahogany (check)
                                                                                Fender Telecaster Standard (Nov 2010)


                                                                                Vox AC30 CC2 (check)


                                                                                Line 6 M9 (check)
                                                                                EHX Deluxe Memory Man (maybe next week... :O)
                                                                                Xotic BB Preamp (check)
                                                                                Fulltone Real Mcoy wha (dunno :x)
                                                                                Analogman Sunlion, or a Beano boost and a sunface (when i visit EUA, i will buy that / these pedal(s))
                                                                                My Gilchrist
                                                                                '60s Gibson Flying V
                                                                                Ibanez Jem UV777BK (or preferably something similar built by Steve Gilchrist)

                                                                                My Abbey

                                                                                Gilchrist custom
                                                                                Yamaha SBG500
                                                                                Randall RM100 & RM20
                                                                                Marshall JTM45 clone
                                                                                Marshall JCM900 4102 (modded)
                                                                                Marshall 18W clone
                                                                                Fender 5F1 Champ clone
                                                                                Atomic Amplifire
                                                                                Marshall 1960A
                                                                                Boss GT-100

                                                                                Cathbard Amplification
                                                                                My band