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More than half of you clearly didn't even read the rules.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.
^^why should there be rules on your dream rig?
Ernie Ball MusicMan JP7
Schecter Hellraiser 006
Mesa Boogie Road King s.2
Mesa Boogie 4x12 Recto cab

Ibanez Keeley TS-9
TC Electronics G-Force
Amp Gizmo
Voodoo Labs GCX
Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro
-Schecter Blackjack ATX in Black
-Fender MIA Telecaster in all white
-Schecter Solo 6 Custom in a burst
-Custum built (by me) Explorer
-Schecter C-1 Plus in whatever burst I have
-Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster
-Orange Thunderverb 200W
-Bugera 333XL-212

-Mesa Boogie Roadster 4x12
-Orange 4x12

I put my current gear at the bottom of each category in Italics.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!

Gibson Les Paul Custom DESERTBURST.

EVH Frankenstrat clone

Musicman Axis


VHT/Fryette Ultra Lead Hundred/CLX

Hiwatt Custom 100 (DR-103)

(custom cab with V30 and Greenback mix)

Effects I'm a sucker for vintage gear

Russian Big muff pi
Boss DM-2 delay
TC Electronic Nova Delay
Ibanez TS808 original
BK Butler Tube Driver
Boss Compression Sustainer CS-1
Leslie rotating speakers
Boss CE-2 chorus
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah
Suhr Riot distortion
TC Electronic Polytune
Fender 1996 Floyd Rose Standard Stratocaster
Epiphone SG G-400

Laney TT50-112

Ibanez Weeping Demon
Marshall RG-1 Regenerator
Electro-Harmonix/Sovtek (Black) Big Muff Pi

Visit my site for some FREE RE-AMPING!
My two strats into either:

-My Tweed'ish amp i'm building now, no pedals anywhere

-My clean'ish amp i'll be making in the near future, with pedals:
>some kinda chorus
>my phase 90 clone
>my delay i made
>my fuzz pedal

-My British voiced amplifier with pedals;
>My wah wah
>My treble booster

then my martin 000 with a nice soundhole pickup mounted in the near future..

i don't think it can get any better than making/tweaking my own gear.
Call me "Shot".

ShotRod Guitar Works

Custom Hand-wired Amplifiers and Effect Pedals.

Est. 2007

Source to everything I say about Guitars, Pedals, and Amplifiers: I make them.

UG's Best DIY PedalBoard

Gretsch Anniversary
Gretsch Power Jet
Fender Telecaster - Butterscotch Blonde

Wizard Modern Classic 100w > Wizard 4x12 with Rock 20 speakers
Bogner Shiva 2x12 combo

See my current pedalboard in my sig
Fender MIJ Strat ✔
Original '54 Gibson Goldtop
Parker Fly for fun
Some high end acoustic

Teese RMC3 wah
MJM Ge London Fuzz
Chicago Iron Octavian
PaulC Timmy
BJFe Honey Bee OD
Retro-Sonic Chorus
Hartman Flanger
Foxrox Aqua Vibe
Fulltone TTE
Empress Superdelay

Fender Twin Reverb
Mesa Boogie Lone Star Classic
Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature 2
Top Hat Emplexador
Fuchs ODS
Fuchs Train Forty-Five
Dream Rig? This will go over though


PRS Singlecut Trem w/ Bareknuckle Warpigs
Eric Johnson signature Fender Stratocaster w/ maple neck
Gibson SG '61 reissue
Gretsch White Falcon
Gibson ES175
PRS Santana MD
Fender Custom Shop '62 Jazzmaster
A nice Martin acoustic & 12 string


Sunn Solarus
Mesa Boogie Mark I and IIC+
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (2 channel)
Splawn Quickrod
Vox AC30
Fender Bassman '59 reissue
Fryette Ultra Lead


Boss CE-1
Original Phase 90
Malekko Spring Chicken
Malekko Ekko 616
Eventide Timefactor
Keeley modded TS9
Fulltone Clyde Deluxe
Jetter Gain Stage Purple
Electro Harmonix HOG
Electro Harmonix Micro Synth
Stomp Under Foot Civil War Muff
Original Fuzz Face
TC Electronics Polytune

I say all of this as my dream rig because if i had all this i don't see what more i could want.

PRS custom 24
Early 60's Fender strat
G&L Legacy
Fender Jaguar
late 50's Gibson Les Paul
Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty
Parker Fly
Ibanez JEM
Gibson SG special
Music Man Steve Morse sig


Deizel Herbert
Marshall 70's JMP or may be a JTM-45 i can't decide
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Fender Twin Reverb
Mesa boogie Dual Recto


Red Witch Empress Chorus Pedal
Analogue Man Chorus
Pigtronix ASDR Attack Sustain Compressor Pedal
Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
Empress Superdelay Delay Pedal
Pigtronix Phi Echolution Echo / Delay / Loop Pedal
Barber Dirty Bomb
Radial Tonebone plexitube
EHX rams head muff
Lovepedal Kanji
Electro Harmonix Q-Tron Envelope Filter
Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz
Zvex Fuzz Factory
MJM london fuzz V1
Mad Professor Sweet Honey
Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser
Malekko Spring Chicken Reverb
Pigtronix Mothership Analog Synthesizer
Korg Pitchblack
Real McCoy Custom RMC4 Picture Wah
Wilson WH-10 clone
Watson super fuzz
Mad Prof Deep blue delay
Wampler Triple wreck
you are what you is
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Ibanez J custom 8420ZE - SD blackouts
Ibanez 777 80's Jem - Pink
Ibanez 20th An RG550 - RFR, Tone zone, Air norton.

Deizel VH4
Mesa Mk V
Bogner Ecstacy

Custom Cab V30's

G system
Xotic BB preamp
MXR 10 band EQ
ISP decimator
Morley Bad Horsie Wah
Pitchblack Tuner

Ibanez J custom 8420ZE
Ibanez RGA42
Ibanez RG550
RG3120 Prestige

Framus cobra

My Fender American Special Strat (loaded w/ Dimarzio Fast Track 2 in the bridge)
My Godin Detour (Loaded w/ Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and PAF 36 in the neck)
ESP Jon Doanis Sig in trans black (Don't really like Shadows Fall, but this is an awesome guitar)


Diezel Herbert
ENGL Special Edition E670 (EL34) or Rivera KTre


Line 6 Pod X3
Visual Sounds H20
MXR 10 band EQ
Maxxon OD808
Some form of Fuzz
I'd have to go with a Fender Stratocaster, American Deluxe, black with black pick-guard. Vox AC30 and some delay. sound familiar?

PRS Custom 24
Fender Deluxe Telecaster
Gibson SG in Platinum finish

Amps + Cabs:

Marshall JCM2000
Orange Rockerverb 50

Orange 4x12
Marshall 1960A
(Both w/ Greenbacks)

Boss DD20
ProCo Turbo RAT
Ibanez TS 9

Gibson Les Paul Traditional Satin
Fender 72' Thinline Telecaster
Fender Am Telecaster
Bad Cat HotCat 30R

Korg Pitchblack
Xotic BB Preamp
TC Flashback X4
Strymon Timeline
JHS Double Barrel
PRS Custom 24 (regardless of color)
Paradise Guitars Jason Becker Signature
Gibson Les Paul Robot

EVH 5150III head + matching cabinet
Laney TT100H + TT412 cabinet

Paul Cochrane Tim
Ibanez TS808/Tubescreamer
Boss NS2 Noise Suppressor
Boss TU2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss OC3 Octave
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah
Ibanez RG550 (Red)
Gibson Explorer (Black)
Gibson SG Supreme (Blue)

Marshall JVM205H/Mills Acoustics Cab


Morley Power Wah
KORG Pitchblack Tuner
MXR Phase 90
BOSS BF-3 Flanger
BOSS Super-Chorus
BOSS DD-3 Delay
ISP Decimator
Electro-Harmonix Stereo Pulsar Tremolo
Digitech Whammy

Shure PGX14 Wireless System
Dunlop 1mm Tortex picks
D'Addario 11's
THD Hot Plate Attenuator

This is my updated list.
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This is my pedalboard dream rig, I will post my dream rack rig later.

Gibson Explorer w/ EMG's
ESP MH-1000

Marshall JCM 2000 (modded for more gain)

Dunlop Original Crybaby (got it)
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Digitech Turbo Flange (got it)
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay

Nady Wireless System
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PRS Private Stock 6 string:
-Mahogany back/Flamed Maple 10 top
-Mahogany neck
-Ebony fretboard (24 Jumbo frets with mother of pearl birds)
-Wide thin profile
-25'' scale
-Chrome hardware
-DiMarzio D-Sonic (bridge), DiMarzio HS-2 (middle) and DiMarzio PAF Pro (neck)
-PRS 513 switching/controls
-PRS locking tuners
-PRS tremolo
-Herritage Cherry Sunburst finish
-E Standard tuning

PRS Private Stock 7 string:
-Mahogany back/Flamed Maple 10 top
-Mahogany neck
-Ebony fretboard (24 Jumbo frets with mother of pearl birds)
-Wide Thin profile
-Gold hardware
-DiMarzio D-Sonic 7 (bridge), DiMarzio Blaze (middle) and DiMarzio PAF 7 (neck)
-PRS 513 switching/controls
-PRS locking tuners
-PRS tremolo
-Tortoise Shell finish
-B Standard tuning

2 Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ Heads with Stilleto 4x12 angled cabinets
(one amp for cleans and other for distortion)

-TC electronic G system
-Vox Big Bad Wah
-Ibanez TS808HW
-TC Electronic Nova Delay

I'll kill for that rig.
basically any BC RICH guitar(although i prefer aesthetically warlocks)
digitech pedals
and mesa/boogie amp
thanx SwampAshSpecial, i had only heard the nitrox on distortion and the spec op on clean, i change my opinion to dual( or triple!) nitrox heads.
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Gibson Silverburst Les Paul Custom
Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty
Fender 57 Reissue Strat

Marshall JCM 800 2203
Mesa Mark IV
Peavey 5150
Fender Twin Reverb

Ibanez TS808
Digitech Scott Ian Black 13
Dunlop Crybaby
Boss GE-7
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
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DBZ guitars, love'em. Especially their Les Piccolo model.

American Deluxe Telecaster
Rickenbacker Model 360
Gibson ES-339


Sunn Model T
Sovtek Mig 100H(not so much of a dream amp as it is something I will get eventually)
Marshall JMP
Hiwatt Custom 100
Orange Rockerverb


Red Witch Titan
Z.Vex Super Duper Hard On
Dr. Z Z-verb
Keeley Katana pre-amp
Malekko Chorus
TC electronics Octa Screamer
Electro-Harmonix HOG
Empress super delay
Metal / Rock


Ibanez RGA420Z
Ibanez RGA72QM
Fender Deluxe American Strat
I'll throw a LP in there for shits n giggles.


Mesaboogie Triple or Double Rec 4x12
Fender twin reverb combo
Marshall JCM 4x12

don't use many pedals

Squier Strat
Epiphone Explorer
Agile AL-3100

Hey Guys :P

Fender 72 Deluxe Telecaster - Black
Some kind of Gibson Les Paul with Floyd Rose
Fender Stratocaster w/ tremolo in white or red

Vox AC30
Peavey 6505+

I could name alot here, but im not going to :P
ZVex Fuzz Factory
Dunlop Crybaby wah
Digitech Whammy
Boss Super Chorus

Thats it.
Feel free to criticise guys :P
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ESP M-II custom (similar like the ESP Zorlac with the Jackson Headstock)
Anderson Pro Am custom
EVH Frankenstrat
Fender Stratocaster with Floyd Rose
Kramer Berretta
1989 Gibson Les Paul
Fernandes "Edna" Stratocaster with Floyd Rose (kirk's master of puppets era guitar)
Jackson RR1
Jackson KV2
Jackson KE2
Kramer Vanguard
Ibanez RG470
Gibson Explorer (mid of 80s)
ESP MX-250

Marshall JCM 800
Mesa Boogie Mark V

Marshall 4x12 cabinets
Line 6 cabinets
Mesa Boogie cabinets

Boss Distortion Pedal
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Digitech Death Metal
and some other

Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy

-Kramer 1984 Reissue (Red and Black Bullseye) *Seymour Duncan '79 EVH*
-Kramer Barretta (White) *Seymour Duncan JB*
-Kramer Pacer (Red) *Seymour Duncan SH '59*
-80's Red Charvel *JB and '59*


-1980's Marshall JCM 800
-5150 EVH III
-Modded Marshall Plexi
-Rivera M100

Rack Gear

-ADA mp-1


-MXR Script Phase 90
-MXR Flanger
-MXR 10 band EQ
Gibson sg faded
Gibson les paul custom
prs singlecut
fender tele
fender jaguar
gibson double cut les paul

marshall jcm 800
jcm 900
rockerverb 100
single recto
twin reverb
mesa lonestar
bogner ectasy

boss chorus
ocd drive
big muff
volume pedal
maxon 808
weird fuzzs
Charvel San Dimas Slime Green
My Kramer F-1000 - Got that (one of the nicest guitars I've ever played)

Marshall TSL 60
Peavey 5150 II - Got That

I guess I'm halfway there

(Maybe an RR1 and a Mark V just for fun)
MoOsEkNuCkLe......All my friends yell OI!

Jackson Dk2m
Peavey 5150 II
Marshall 1960a
Kramer Focus 1000
Dunlop Crybaby
Hardwire Tuner
Boss NS-2

Red Bear 120 $50/$600
I've pretty much got what I want I've got more guitars than are listed in my sig (notably a Warmoth tele that I use for a lot of gigs) but in general the gear I have is ideal for me.

In terms of effects, I use a WET reverb, an Analogman Juicer, a Fulltone Fulldrive 2-FM, a Dunlop rack wah, and occasionally other things.
GMW hot-rod telecaster
GMW soloist
PRS Custom 24
The Illegal Les Paul
Soldano SM-100R
Splawn 4x12

“Life is on the wire…the rest is just waiting” - Papa Wallenda
Substitute the stage for the wire, and he's got it.
- Music Man JP6 BFR

- Music Man JP7 BFR

- ESP Horizon Custom with EMGs

- Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier old 3 channel (might sound mad but i love mine )

- Diezel Herbert

- Mesa Traditional 4x12s

- TC Electronics G System

- Dunlop Crybaby

- Ernie Ball volume pedal
Tom Anderson Guitarworks

Mayones Guitars

Suhr Guitars

Mesa Boogie

Friedman Amplification

Fractal Audio Systems

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- Epiphone Emperor (Nat Finish) in Standard
- Rickenbacker 360 (Flat black) in Full Step Down tuning

- Matchless DC-30 head

- Orange 4x12

- Ernie Ball Power Silnkys (.12's)

- Line 6 DL-4
- Boss Pedal Tuner
- Line 6 MM-4
- Ernie Ball Volume Jr.
SX Furrian
Eastwood Mandocaster
Bugera v55
DigiTech DL8
Boss BD-2
Dean Markley Tuner

Gear Hitlist:
2x12 Cab
^ I just need a 4x12 with blackbacks and a really good LP and I'm pretty much set.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
Umm.. Kind of lengthy but oh well...


Gibson Explorer Standard
Gibson LP Robot (just for s**ts and giggles)
Ibanez UV77RE
Ibanez PGM (any model without trem)
ESP Sword Angel
ESP Horizon II
ESP EC1000
Fender Strat
BC Rich Mockinbird ST
etc., etc.

AMPS (without listing cabs):

Mesa Triple Rectifier
Mesa Mark V
Peavey 5150
Where's Waldo?
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I know there was a thread like this before but I thought it was cool so I thought i'd recreate it. Maximum 3 guitars and maximum 2 amps and unlimited stompboxes and rack gear.

Silly kids can't read these days.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
-Epiphone Worn 66 Wilshire in Worn Cherry finish
-Fender Standard Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde finish

-Vox AC30

-Ibanez WH10
-Roland RE-201 SpaceEcho
-MXR Script Phase 90
-Dunlop Uni-Vibe or a Fulltone Deja Vibe (not sure which I would go with)
-Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face
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Mesa/Boogie Mark IIC+
Marshall JCM800
Marshall 1960 cabs

ESP Alexi Laiho Blacky(Japanese model)
Pre-lawsuit ESP EXP
Ibanez JEM7V
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^ We've got another genius here.

2 amps. 3 guitars.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.