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My new dream rig.

Gibson Explorer
Gibson SG Supreme
ESP M-11

Splawn Nitro w/ 800-style Headshell, black tolex + grill cloth, black control panel, white "chicken-head" knobs, white piping, and KT88's.
^Splawn actually lets you customize it. How awesome is that? Also, a Mills Acoustics Afterburner for the cab.

ISP Decimator
Korg Pitchblack
Fender Volume pedal
Digitech Whammy
Morley Power Wah
Talk box
Boss DD-3
MXR Phase 90
Boss BF-3
Boss CH-1
EHX Stereo-pulsar tremolo

Dunlop Jazz III XL's
D'Addario 11's

Shure SM57's -> Yamaha n12 Firewire mixer (amp is mic'd)
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This will be awesome...
JP EB-MM BFR w/ Piezo in Mystic Dream. w/ Floyd Rose in Gold Hardware.
JP EB-MM BFR w/ Piezo 7String in Bahama Blue w/ Floyd Rose in gold hardware.


Main Dirty Amp:
Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadster 50W.
Marshall 1960AV 280W 4X12 W/ Celestion Vintage 30's.

Main Clean Channel Amp:
Peavey Pro VB-3 300W Tube Bass Amp Head.
Peavey VB-810 800W 8X10 Bass Speaker Cab.


Vox Joe Satriani Satchurator.
Vox Joe Satriani Ice 9 Overdrive.
Blackstar HT-DUAL Tube Dual Distortion
Ibanez Jemini Distortion Pedal

Vox Joe Satriani Time Machine Delay Pedal.
DigiTech Hardwire RV-7 Reverb

Vox Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah

MXR 10 Band EQ

DigiTech Whammy

MXR M-102 Dyna Comp Compressor

Chorus, Flanger, Phaser:
MXR M-117R Flanger
DigiTech HardWire CR-7 Stereo Chorus
Ibanez Tone-Lok AP7 Analog Phaser

Ernie Ball 500K Stereo/Pan Volume Pedal

Noise Gate!:
2 MXR M-135 Smart Gate Pedals

And some sort of master floorboard to control ALL OF IT!.
(I know the guitars aren't real, but lets just say they are.)
If I could have that I would came.
Really shooting for the moon on those effects, eh?
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
Gibson ES-335
Fender 1962 Jazzmaster
Fender Custom Shop Tele

JCM 800
Original Sunn Model T

Line 6 M13
Catalinbread SFT
Ibanez WH10v2
Two Boss FV500 volume pedals
zvex sho
Dwarfcraft Shiva
Digitech PDS 20/20
Schumann PLL with the foot controller
Devi Ever Bit Mangler
Devi Ever Noise Floor ZG
Boss RV-3
Boss PS-3
EHX Hog with foot controller
Moogerfooger analog delay

I love these threads.


Solder fume huffer σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ


Electronic Audio Experiments
Fender Jazzmaster
Fender Jaguar
Fender Jazzmaster (again )

Sunn Model T w/ Marshall 1960A caab
Vox AC30

Devi Ever Hyperion
Blackout Effectors Musket
Big Muff w/ creamy dreamer mod
EHX Cathedral
Lovepedal Babyface trem
Genres: Blues rock/shoegaze/mathcore

Schecter C-1+ w/ Duncan '59/Custom 5 - Standard E/Drop D
Mayones Regius 6 - Downtuned
Gibson ES339 - Standard E

The three of them in black cherry.

Mesa Boogie Mark V

Stomp Under Foot Ram's Head Muff
Modded Ibanez Tubescreamer TS9
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man
Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone

I like to keep it simple. Maybe add some weird-ass pedal for those mindf*ck moments.
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You've got your whole life to lead.

Fender 60's Lacquer Jazzmaster
Schecter C-1+ with SD '59
Egnater Tweaker 15
PolyTune noir
Algal Bloom fuzz
Fingerprint Redux fuzz
Nocturner reverb
Flashback delay
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Style Metal


ESP Horizon x3 one blue, one brown, one black cherry


Engl Invader 100
Diamond Nitrox

Effects etc:

TC Electronics G Force
TC Electronics G-System
Korg DTR 2000
Sennheiser EW572 G3 Wireless system (rack mounted)
Kenton Midistream UHF Wireless Midi System.

And All Of That In A Live In Amp Rack

something like tht would be nice lol
Fender MIJ Stratocaster
vintage '54 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

Wilson Signature wah
Analogman 3-knob mini CompROSSor
Analogman Sunface w/ Texas Instruments NOS transistors, sundail and on/off knob
Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
Paul Cochrane Timmy
BJFe Honey Bee
Hartman Flanger
Foxrox Aqua Vibe
Skreddy Echo
Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay
Boss RC-20

Victoria 50 212
TopHat Super Deluxe
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1. A double cut LP with 2 buckers and a synth pickup
2. Another one for Eb
3. A strat with some ridiculously high output single coils


1. Some high end boutique tube amp for low-to-high gain British style distortion
2. A vintage AC30 for cleans


- Dunlop rack wah
- Some expensive rack EQ for tone shaping
- A Big Muff
- Some crazy fuzz
- Some boutique Whammy clone would be nice but there are none I know of - (Or just a vintage Whammy)
- A boutique tubescreamer for solo boost
- Two digital delays: one as a slapback effect, one for other use
- Some synth system for the double cut LPs
- aaand whatever else comes to my mind
Fender Thinline telecaster
Gretsch Black Falcon
Martin DCE-15

Vox ac30
Fender Super-reverb

Boss loop station
Boss dd-7 delay
EHX big muff
Boss chorus ensemble
Moog moogenfooger
Vox wah

originally posted by diveright
for one does not simply walk in to a spinning propeller

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Buckethead is the meaning of awesome
prs 513
prs mccarty, knuckled.
mij fender 62 strat ri, lollar'd.

5e3 deluxe clone
tweaker head + 2 - 1x12 cabs.

polytune by tc elec
eternity burst
xotic bb preamp
stereo clone theory
tech 21 rvb boost
bud wah
^ I c wut u did thar.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
Fender Mustang
Fender Jazzmaster
Epiphone Elitist Casino

Fender Super Reverb
Sunn Model T
Vox AC30 (Yes, a third amp. It's too hard to pick between the Super Reverb and Model T)

Effects (this one's a doosey):

Boss: VB-2, RV-3/5, PS-2, PS-3 (x2), HM-2/3, FZ-2, DD-6, PN-2, RC-50
EH: HOG, Cathedral, Ring Thing, DMM, DEM, DMB, Flanger Hoax, Poly Chorus/Flange/Phase
Earthbound Audio: Super Collider Beast
Fuzzhugger: ABsynth
Blackout Effectors: Whitestone
Catalinbread: Pareidolia (x2)
Lovepedal: 200lbs of Tone
Dr. Scientist: Cosmichorus
Lovetone: Everything...everything
Proco: Vintage RAT
Ibanez: TS-9 (w/ Baked mod from Keeley)
Zvex: Fuzz Factory
Fulltone: OCD
Subdecay: Prometheus
Strymon: Blue Sky
Digitech: Timebender, Space Station, PDS 20/20
Yamaha: FX900, SPX90

Not that I'd have them all on at the same time though, of course (well...maybe )
Pitchblack - Fulltone Octafuzz - Hardwire OD - Blakemore Effects Deus Ex Machina - MXR Micro Chorus - Diamond Memory Lane Jr - EHX SMMH - Neunaber Wet
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Haha another one wants an SLO100, best crunch ever on that thing, i can't even imagine it with poweramp clipping...

G&L Legacy
Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor

Supro Thunderbolt circuit with cascadeable Soldano crunch circuit into a JTM45 poweramp

Just a couple of NOS NKT275 transistors to build my own pedals
My Fender Jag
Jackson SL3
Yamaha SG3000

Vox AC30HH
Matamp GT1

Everything i have+
EHX Cathedral
EHX Octaver
Maybe a 6 band
DAM Meathead
Way Huge Swollen Pickle
Germ Fuzz Face
Prolly a few devi stuff
EHX Memory Boy/Toy
MXR Custom Comp/Barber Tone Press
Some kind of really liquidy smooth sounding OD, zendrive? maybe xotic bb preamp

Fender American Vintage 62 Jaguar (White w/red pickguard)
Classic player baja telecaster (cream w/black pickguard)


D'addario (0,10 / 0,11)


Orange Thunderverb 200w head
ORange 412 cabinet


Classic Crybaby wah
Zvex fuxx factory / Little big muff pi / Artec Fuzztown
EHX Germanium OD / TS808
MXR Carbon copy
MXR 10 band EQ
Any good compressor pedal
ISP decimator
(not in order)
Suhr Guthrie Govan
Musicman JP7
Musicman JP6 BFR

Mesa Mark IIC+
Mesa Roadking

Morley Bad Horsie II
TC G-Major II
EHX Polychorus
ADA Flanger
Eventide Timefactor
Xotic BB Preamp
genre: metal punk rock alternative
-red sg with the half pickguard (possibly with a bigsby) or flat black/trans black with EMGs
-black fender esquire custom scorpion with EMG-89
-gibson firebird of some sort either cream red or metallic blue (possibly with maestro tailpeice)
-mosrite white n black
-dan armstrong plexiglass guitar
-lots more weird ass guitars and/or homemade ones

-two raven 100w 2x12's
-orange rockerverb 100w with matching cab
-mesa or egnater with mesa 4x12 cab

-electro harmonix lpb power booster
-some sort of delay (prolly boss or the line 6 dl4)
-an octave pedal
-morley wah
-fuzz pedal
-phaser or flanger
-some sort of filter/synth sounding pedal
-boss pedal tuner
-channel switcher for ravens
-wireless system
-switcher box

right now i got the red sg n the fender esquire wif the EMG 89 and one raven and the lpb power booster. hey it works for me

Gibson 1959 Les Paul Standard Cherry Burst
Gibson 2960 Les Paul Black Beauty w/ Bigsby
Fender 50's Candy Apple Stratocaster Reissue

200W Peavy Vintage amp
100W Marshall Handwired Half Stack

Dunlop Slash Wah Pedal
Rocktron Banshee 2 Talkbox

And throw in a pair of Ray Ban Aviators also

Gibson SG Standard in heritage cherry
70's Les Paul Custom in Ebony
Gibson Explorer in Ebony
Gibson Flying V in Ebony
Schecter C7 7 string in dark red

all loaded with Motor City Solutions

Splawn Nitro
Splawn Quickrod
Diezel Herbert
Mesa Mark IIc+
Framus Cobra
Peavey 5150
Krank Revolution
Roland JC120 (cleans)

2 Mills Afterburners for each amp loaded with Celestion G12K-100s

Krank Krankshaft
Fulltone OCD
Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah
MXR 10 band EQ
Gibson SG Standard
Gibson Les Paul Traditional
Cort Explorer
Squire Standard Strat rebuilt with Fender USA parts
Squire Tele
Krank 1980
Orange Tiny Terror
Traynor YCV 50 Blue
Peavey Vypyr 75

Will fly for food. Call me Dylan

- Gibson Explorer (white) with Seymour Duncan JB in bridge

- Gibson Les Paul Custom (black)

- Ibanez SZ720FM (dark sun burst)...........already own


- Marshall JCM 800 2203

- Marshall 4x12 1960AV and BV cabinets


- none


- D'Addario strings EXL115 (.11-.49)

- Samson wireless unit

- Dunlop Tortex Picks .83mm (green)
hmm 3 guitars 2 amps?

Anderson Baritom
Anderson Drop Top 7
PRS 513 25th Anniversary in scarletburst

soldano super lead overdrive 100
- stone age 412 running h75/m75 in an x pattern
fuchs overdrivesupreme100
- stone age 412 running red fang/canis major in x pattern

all the death by audio
all the dwarfcraft

that should do it. i feel limited by the 3 guitars 2 amps thing.
Jumping on dat gear sig train.
PRS Hollowbody II / BKP Warpigs
Strandberg OS6T / BKP Aftermath
Strandberg OS7 / Lace Poopsticks
Skervesen Raptor 7FF / BKP Warpigs
Skervesen Raptor 6 NTB / BKP Juggernauts
Hapas Sludge 7 FF / Hapas Leviathan
Anderson Baritom / Motorcity Nuke BKP Sinner Anderson H2+
Warmoth Baritone / BKP Piledriver
Ibanez Rg2120x / BKP Nailbomb

Blackstar ID:Core Beam
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Gibson Custom 1963 ES-335 Historic Block Reissue
1962 Fender Jazzmaster Goldtop
Gibson Custom Les Paul 1958 VOS
Some kind of early '50s tele with a humbucker at the neck, single at the bridge
Gretsch G6022 Rancher
Grestch Silver Jet w/ Bigsby
Gretsch White Falcon w/Bigsby and TV Jones Pickups
Gibson SG Standard w/Bigsby
Gibson Custom Les Paul '54 VOS Goldtop
Gibson Custom ES-137 Classic
1960's Fender Jaguar
PRS Ted McCarty DC 245 Soapbar or another PRS with P90s

Orange AD-140 or Orange Thunderverb 200 or Orange OR50 w/ two 4/12 Orange cabs
Matchless Avalon 30 Head
Fender Bassman Reissue
1969 Fender Twin Reverb
Fender HRD
Hueghs and Kettner TriAmp MKII Alex Lifeson (to his settings, though I don't like rush)

my dream pedalboard (most of which i own), In order:

Ernie Ball Volume Jr.
Ernie Ball Wah
Boss TU-3
Boss CS-3
Moog Freqbox
Moog Ringmod
MXR Micro Amp
Zvex Super Hard On
Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff
Zvex Fuzz Factory
Zvex Fuzz Factory Probe
Death By Audio Fuzz War
Death By Audio Robot
Boss HM-2
Boss DS-1 Keeley Modded
Boss BD-2 Keeley Modded
Zvex Box of Rock
Fulltone OCD
Maxon Tube Screamer
GNI XD1 X-treme Distortion
Blackstar HT DistX
BMF The Great Wide Open
Lovepedal Purple Plexi
Lovepedal Englishman
Digitech Whammy 1
Digitech Whammy 4
Pigtronix Mothership
Line 6 MM4
Boss CE-20
Russian Electro Harmonix Smallstone
Voodoo Lab Tremolo
ISP G String
Malekko Ekko 616 Analog Delay
Electro Harmonix DMM
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
Boss DD-20
Boss Loop Station
Ernie Ball Volume Jr.

All housed on a custom Built pedalboard.
Gibson SG Standard with Bigsby
Gibson Custom ES-137
Gibson Custom 54' Les Paul VOS Goldtop
Gretsch G6129T Silver Jet
1968 Harmony Rocket H75

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (modded)
1970 Fender Twin Reverb (blackfaced)

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ESP Eclipse II w/ BKP Painkiller & Cold Sweat
Fender '62 Telecaster RI w/ Rio Grande Vintage Tallboy
Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe RI w/ Rio Grande BBQ Buckers

Bogner Shiva
ENGL Invader

Avatar Contemporary 4x12 (2)
Avatar Contemporary 2x12 (2)

TC Electronics Polytune
MXR Carbon Copy
Maxon OD808
Fulltone OCD
Dunlop Rotovibe
ISP Decimator
MXR 10-Band EQ
Tons of good deals on Harmony Central and
i already have one of my dream axes but if i could have another i would say a custom shop jackson rhoads with full scalloped ebony fretboard no inlays satan neck and pink pinstripes and for amps a engle fireball or a peavey triple x
Gibson Gold Top 1974 Les Paul w/ EMG 81/60
Drop C# Tuning

Fender 1954 Stratocaster w/ Seymour Duncan Hot Strat Pickups
E Flat Tuning

Jackson Y2KV Dave Mustaine Signature
E Standard Tuning

Rack/Pedals - (not in any order)
Boss NS2 Noise Gate
TC Electronics G-Force Rack Effects Unit
DigiTech Bad Monkey Overdrive
Boss BF3 Flanger
Boss CH1 Chorus
Boss PH3 Phaser
Boss DD7 Digital Delay
Boss CS3 Compressor
MXR Carbon Copy Delay
Electro Harmonix Metal Muff
Electro Harmonix Memory Man
Dunlop 535Q Crybaby
"The Stutter" Rack Delay Unit (Delay Rack Unit I plan on inventing one day)

Ernie Ball Power Slinky

Dunlop Tortex .88

Levy Straps

Planet Waves

Marshall JCM900 SL-X 2100 100 Watt Head -> Marshall 1960B w/ Celestion V30s
Diezel VH4 Head -> Marshall 1960B w/ Celestion V30s

Additional Notes:
JCM900 Amp Settings:
OD Channel -
Treble: 10
Mids: 8
Bass: 4

Diezel used for cleans

"The Stutter" Delay Unit
Constantly outputs a delay (that never decreases in volume) until effect is turned off. The time of delay can go between .001 seconds and 100 seconds
Also comes with an effect that makes it sound like your guitar is talking the sound, this can be turned off if desired
Also has an optional effect of increasing or decreasing the treble as it continues to cast a delay.
Fender Strat
Gibson V
Ibanez Saber

Mesa Mark IV/V (either one)
Marshall Plexi

Everything from MXR and EHX, I don't even need them all, I just want the extreme versatility. Also, a few weird-ass effects that are just there for a few strange sounds.
Ibanez PGM 301
Ibanez JS1000
Ibanez JEM jr
Ibanez Custom artcore w/ white finish and white binding and ebony fingerboard
Ibanez Fireman
Carvin 645 in dragonburst
Carvin MIDI DC Hollowbody w/ cherry red finish
Carvin DC747

Ibanez Custom soundgear w/ swamp ash body (split down the middle) and 5 piece maple/mahogany/walnut/mahogany/maple neck
Ibanez iceman bass
Carvin LB50 w/ maple body and neck
Fender Jazz bass deluxe

Mesa Dual Recti with 6L6's w/ matching 4x12
Vox AC30 w/ blue backs
Carvin VT50 head w/ matching 2/12
Marshall Vintage modern head w/ the matching 4x12's

Bass AMP:
Hartke stack from the 90's

Ibanez Airplane flanger
Vox Satchurator
Dunlop Fasel Crybaby
MXR phase 100
MXR vintage flange
I'm up for building you a pedal.
(Or modding nearly anything moddable)
(PM Me.)
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Im working towards getting mine in these coming weeks. Hopefully my dream will become realised

Gibson SG GT
Custom 7 String

High-end Wireless
TC Electronic Polytune
Keeley Compressor
ISP Decimator
Maxon OD-808
Boss NS-2
Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp
BBE Sonic Maximizer
15 Band Graphic EQ
Marshall 50/50 EL34 Power Amp
2x12 with V30's
Mesa/Boogie Studio Pre | Marshall EL34 50/50 Power | Harley Benton 2x12 V30's

How do you like, your mids in the morning?
Guitars: American Special strat in two color sunburst , Classic player baja tele in desert sand for open g and d tunings

strings: D'addario 11's

Amp: Fender Hotrod Deluxe

Effects: dunlop crybaby wah and a fuzz face

pretty simple and not that expensive
A custom Schecter 7 into a stereo rig consisting of a

Splawn Nitro

and Soldano SLO100

edit: screw the rules, I'm throwing a Fryette Pittbull Ultra Lead in there too and none of you can stop me
Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
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PRS Swamp Ash Special (Bareknuckle Rebel Yells + Mothers Milk Single Coil)
Hufschmid Blackdroid
G&L ASAT Classic

Soldano SLO100
(damn you AcousticMirror)

Guyatone MC-3 Chorus
Fulltone OCD
Digitech Hardwire Delay
Korg Pitchblack
DR Strings
Bad Cat Leash attenuator
Pedaltrain Mini Pedalboard
Monster Cabling
Soundlab Pedal Power 450
Because half of your nightmares are not good enough..

Sherman Custom RG 7 string
-Quilted Sapele top
-Honduran Mahagony body
-Neck thru, 7 piece walnut/ flamed maple neck
-Lundgren M7 (bridge)
-Lundgren Smooth Operator (neck)
-Gold Hardware

And a custom ESP M
-Matte black finish
-EMG 81-X
-black everything.. id call it the "Stealth"

Rivera Knucklehead Tre Reverb
Engl Powerball II

Some sort of Emperor 4x12

Eventide Twin Delay, or whatever its called
Maxon OD808
Korg Pichblack

And Ernie Ball Titanium 10-42's.
Ibanez Xiphos XPT750
ESP Ltd Viper 400
Egnater Rebel 30 112
Boss GE-7
Line 6 Uber Metal
Boss DD-7
Gibson ES-335 or Guild Starfire IV tuned to dropped C

Soldano SLO-100 amp with some sort of Fender cab

maybe a nice fuzz pedal
Fender Rosewood Telecaster w/BKP Yarbird set.
PRS 25th Anni Modern Eagle II w/BKP Riff Raff set.
Yamaha SG800

Matamp Gt2
Matamp 1224
Matamp 2x12 x2

Strymon El Cap'
Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
Lumpys Tone Shop Tone Bender MKIII
Ibanez PT909
CB SilverKiss
Vox ToneBender
Luther Drive
BFJ Honeybee
VonRutter Bumblebee
My band
PBT Native: Resident Graphics Monkey