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Blues/Funk/Psychedelia/Hard Rock/Alternative


Rickenbacker 360-12 (Probably the only Stock guitar I want)

Universal Constants on All 3
24 Stainless Steel Jumbo Frets
10" - 16" Radius
1 11/16" Nut Width
Graphite Nut
Locking Tuners
24.75" Scale and Gibson 30/60 - Epiphone Casino Neck Carve on the SG and ES-335
25.5" Scale and Modern C Carve on the Jazzmaster
Roller Tune-O-Matic Bridge (Standard TOM on the SG)
Master Volume
Master Tone (except on ES-335)

Custom SG:
Paduak Neck Through
Wenge Fretboard
Bubinga Body Wings
Batwing 6-A-Side Headstock
Elongated Upper Horn that reaches to the 16th Fret
Epiphone Prophesy line 'Dagger' Inlays (despite pic)
Gibson Burstbucker 2 & 3 Pickups
Custom Black 3-Ply Pickguard
Master Volume/Neck Coil Tap
Master Tone/Bridge Coil Tap
Heritage Cherry Finish

Custom Jazzmaster/Jaguar
All Maple Neck/Fretboard
Swamp Ash Body
Black Dot Inlays
SD Hot Vintage Jazzmaster Bridge Pickup
Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster Middle and Neck Pickups
Individual On/Off Pickup Switches
Black Pearloid Pickguard with Chrome Accents
Olympic White Finish

Custom ES-335
Korina Neck and Center Block
Ebony Fretboard
Rosewood Back and Sides
Ash Top
Split Diamond Inlays
Reversed Firebird Headstock
Cream Binding
Gold Hardware
Bigsby Vibrato Tailpiece
Hot Mini Humbucker Bridge Pickup
Lipstick Tube Middle Pickup
Dogear P-90 Neck Pickup
Master Volume/Bridge On
Tone Knobs per Pickup
Crimson/Scarlet/Burgundy-Black 3 -Tone-Sunburst (Despite Pic)


For Giging
Fender '59 Bassman LTD Reissue
Vox AC30CC2
Marshall DSL100 Head and 1960A and 1960B Fullstack

For Recording/Home Jamming
Fender Blues Jr.
Marshall Class 5 (which I have <3)


Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner
Boss ML-2 Metal Core
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
DigiTech Harmony Man
DigiTech EX-7 Expression Factory-7 (have)
DigiTech Dan Donnegan The Weapon (if only for the Sitar emulator)
Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron + (Have <3 Love so much <3)
Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Nano
MXR Phase-90
Way Huge Aqua Puss
Boss RC-20 Loop Station (have)
Epi SG w/ Gibson Burstbuckers
Epi Casino
Thinline Tele w/ SD 1/4 Lbs
Warmoth JM

Vox Nightrain
Marshall Class 5

Boss RC-20
EHX Q-Tron +
EHX Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker
Line 6 Echo Park

My PRS with SD P-Rails Build
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Jet City JCA100H
EVH 5150 III
Axe-Fx(for teh lolz)


1980 Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom (With SD JB in bridge, Burstbucker 1 in neck) Silverburst
Another '80 GCLPC(But with SD Blackouts w/Silver cover)-Silverburst
Modified Jackson RR24M
Jackson RR5
Gibson Thunderhorse Explorer
Gibson 7-String Explorer
Schecter Blackjack ATX V-1


Line 6 M9
Modified Jet City Afterburner OD
Modified Dunlop Crybaby(like the ZW and Dimebag wah's combined)
Morpheus Droptune
ISP Decimator G-String

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im bored so here we go:

Custom Warmoth Jazzmaster, Swamp Ash body, Vintage Modern Indian Rosewood Neck, Schaller tuners, 1-3/4 nut width, deep u (fat) contour, black tusq nut, Tele Bridge and custom tele/jazz hybrid pickguard, Duncan Tele Vintage '54 on bridge, Duncan Vintage for Jazzmaster on neck, Candy Turquoise finish with tortoise, black, or white pickguard. .13-58 strings, tuned to Standard or Open A.


MXR Custom Comp
EHX Freeze x2 (separate drones)
EHX Microsynth
EHX Ring Thing
Line 6 FM-4
Dwarfcraft Eau Claire Thunder
Proco Whiteface RAT
Sovtek Green Big Muff Pi
Devi Ever Noise Floor Nofi SM
EHX Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai x 2
Strymon El Capistan with Favorite Switch
Digitech Jamman Stereo with 8G hdsc card


Lexicon MX400
ISP Decimator Pro Rack G
ART XL231 Dual 31-Band, 1/3 Octave, Graphic EQ
Behringer FCB-1010 controller

Traynor YBA-1 Head into an Avatar 2x12 loaded with Eminence Commonwealths.
Fender 62 Twin Reverb Combo loaded with Eminence Red Fangs.
Fender Jazz King, all stock parts.

70's Chrome Ebow

that's about it.
Carvin DC127T, flamed blue to black burst, ebony fretboard, no inlays, Wilkinson tremolo - Have

PRS Custom 24 in flamed Green with a abalone binding.
PRS 513 in black, also with a binding of some kind

Carvin CT6 with a clear satin burled maple top, a birdseye maple neck, with a matching traditional headstock, and block inlays. Tung Oiled neck, and standard bridge

Taylor Classical w/Cutaway
Schecter Stiletto 4 String
Some expensive ass custom luthier'd Cello

ENGL Savage 120 / Avatar or Orange 4x12 Cab

Noise Gate
Steve Vai Volume Pedal
Digitech Timebender Delay
Cathedral Reverb
Wah of some kind
Tuner pedal of course

Planet Waves cables.
D'addario .10-.52's / Ernie Ball .09-.46's
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Fractal Axe Fx Ultra=$2,000
Fryette 2/90/2=$1,500
Orange PPC412(x2)=$2,300

Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro=$400

Ran Custom Shop Trans Purple Flame=$3,350
Blackmachine B2 Koa Burl=$4,200
Suhr Modern Fireburst=$3,600
PRS Private Stock Custom 24 White Tiger=$8,000
Mayones Regius 6 Natural Flame=$3,700
Parker Fly Mojo Italian Plum=$3,500
Daemoness Custom Cimmerian Trans Black=$4,100
Suhr Custom Classic Trans White=$3,450
Martin OMC-Aura Cutaway Acoustic-Electric=$2,900
Taylor NS32-CE Nylon String Grand Concert Cutaway Acoustic-Electric=$1,500

Schecter DIAMOND SERIES PROTOTYPE C-4 CUSTOM Burl Maple top=$700
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass=$1000

Yamaha P-155 Contemporary Digital Piano=$1,200
Yamaha S90XS 88-Key Balanced Weighted Hammer Action Synthesizer=$2,300
Akai Professional EWI4000S Electronic Wind Controller=$700
Yamaha Tenori=$1000

Tama Starclassic Performer Set Trans Black=$1,500
Alesis DM5 Pro Electronic Drum Set=$500

This is excluding recording equipment, accesories etc...

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Ibanez JEM 7V
Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary Edition
Musicman JP 7 string
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Schecter Jeff Loomis Signature
Lado Earth

Marshall JVM410H
Mesa Dual Rec
Mesa Mark IV
Mesa Mark V
Soldano SLO1000
Framus Cobra
Carvin XT100B (I think that's what it's called)
Digitech Whammy
Morley Bad Horsie 1
Morley Tremonti Wah
Fender Volume Pedal
Digitech Timebender Delay
some sort of fuzz
MXR Carbon Copy (just for its chorus)
some sort of volume booster
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This is easy. I think about this all the time.

Matchless DC30
Fender Deluxe Reverb

Fender Strat
Fender Tele
Gretsch semihollow (I cant decide which for any of these)

ST-200 tuner
Diamond compressor
JHS morning glory
Paul Cochrane Tim
Fulldrive 2
Strymon Timeline
Malekko Ekko 616
Boss RV5 (find me something that does modulated reverb better, ugh!)
Strymon Bluesky
"Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you." - Aldous Huxley
Okay, I'm redoing this but I'm doing it by the rules this time.

Styles: Alternative/indie, ambient/experimental, progressive, jazz, Americana


- Gibson ES-137C, vintage sunburst, with Hipshot Extender Drop-D tuner and Lollar Imperial pickups

- Fender '62 Jaguar Reissue, light blue, with Hipshot Extender Drop-D tuner and Novak Jazzmaster/Jaguar pickups

- Parker P8E acoustic, natural, all stock


- Elixir Nanoweb .010-.046 (electrics)

- Elixir Nanoweb .012-.053 (acoustic)


- Vox AC30 Handwired w/Alnico Blue and Gold speakers

- Trainwreck Express w/Orange PPC212 cabinet


- Boss TU-2 Tuner

- Morley Bad Horsie Wah

- Fulltone GT500 Overdrive

- Red Witch Medusa Chorus/Tremolo

- Empress Super Delay

- Lehle Little Dual A/B switch

- Visual Sound 1 Spot pedal power (yes, I went there)

Keep it simple and straighforward.
im in the middle of building mine, guitar. check. kickass distortion pedal. check. amp.... working on it.
my setup right now, is a PRS SE ONE into a BBE Crusher distortion pedal, and all through a Kustom 12a tube.
in other words, simple prs, one soapbar, one knob, total simplicity
fantastic distortion pedal.
and a small studio size hybrid kustom 12 watt, eventually when i get the money ill buy some type of 88 watt or more cab to go with it, so im partially finished with my setup, although i would like some type of single coil to mess with, but that prs se one is a fantastic guitar, even though its an se, it really is amazing, i got it used for $300, but dont bother looking on the site, its discontinued, guitar center is where i got it.
Styles - Punk/Indie/Rock n Roll


62 Gibson es-335TD in walnut, with a bigsby b-12
Fender Telecaster in Sonic blue, seymour duncan lil 57 in bridge with a bigsby b-5
Gibson Melody Maker (keep to stock)


Vox AC-30
Roland Jazz Chorus

Ibanez TubeScreamer, Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic, Z.Vex Fuzz Factory, RedWitch Moonphaser, Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere Mk2, EHX Hog, Morley Pro Wah, EHX Holiest Grail, EHX Deluxe Memory Man, Boss GigaDelay, Dan Electro Reel Echo, Wem Copicat (studio) and a EHX Stereo Pulsar, Morley A/B Switch. Boss TU2

**** I'm gunna need 2 pedal boards
rock blues folk rock stuff


1960 Les Paul with '57 pickups and coil taps
American Deluxe Telecaster
Languedoc G2 (I shall have her someday )

Fender '63 deluxe reverb
Marshall JVM410H

Pigtronix OFO disnortion
Ibanez AF2 airplane flanger
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah
Way Huge Aqua-Puss
Creation Audio Labs Holy Fire
MXR 10 band EQ
Pigtronix Envelope Phaser

I'd be very comfortable with this rig for the rest of my life.
"I am hitting my head against the walls, but the walls are giving way." - Gustav Mahler.

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Styles: Electric Blues, Blues Rock, Hard Rock

Guitars: Gibson SG Standard
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson Les Paul

Amps: Marshall 100 Watt Stack
Fender Mustang III

Effects/Pedals: Dunlop Wah Pedal
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Fuzz Box
Computer w/ complete tabs for every sing song on my IPod.
Style: grungy hard rock with funk, blues, post-rock and noise pop influences

Custom copy of a Univox Hi-Flyer with a through-body aluminum neck, Bareknuckle Half-Note 90 in the neck and Kent Armstrong PAF in the bridge, roller bridge, Fender Floating Tremolo tailpiece, and no controls but a single 500k volume pot and pickup switch
Fender Jazzmaster with a Bareknuckle Abraxas or Black Dog in the bridge position
Gibson 60s Tribute Les Paul Studio goldtop

1963 Vox AC30TB
1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb (those are run stereo)
Amps that I'm adding to my two because they're not exactly for the guitar:
Ampeg SVT-CL
Fender Twin Reverb

Electro-Harmonix Micro POG (run to Ampeg)
Morley Bad Horsie
Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe
Way Huge Swollen Pickle
Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
BYOC Leeds Fuzz*
Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone
Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo
Boss DD-3 (set for self-oscillation, run out to Twin Reverb)
Boss DD-7 (from DD-3's direct out, long delay, tap-tempo set)
Boss DD-7 (short delay)
The pedals are in that order.
my gear +

suhr modern carve top
suhr S series
Anderson tele
ibanez jem
Gibson les paul custom
Gibson les paul gold top
Gibson Exploror

fuchs ODS
2 channel dual rec
Dr.Z Maz 18
Engl or some form
Diezel VH4
blackface twin
vintage super reverb
Diamond Nitox
Style: Hard Rock, 80's Heavy Metal, Groove Metal, Prog Metal


- Charvel So Cal Style 1 (Candy Tangerine) - Eb standard tuning

- Ibanez RG1451 Prestige (Aluminum Gray) - Drop B, DiMarzio D-Sonic in Bridge & DiMarzio Liquifire in Neck

- PRS Tremonti (Charcoal Burst) - Drop C


- Diamond Nitrox for rhythm

- Bogner Uberschall for leads

- Mesa 4x12 cabs


Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner ($100 New) ->
Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hammett Wah - $160 New/$90 Used->
(Noise Gate)
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor - $100 New/$50 Used->
MXR GT-OD - $60-$80 Used ->
Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso - $140 New/$100 Used->
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay - $170 New ->
(Modulation Effects)
MXR Black Label Chorus - $100 New/$60 Used ->
MXR Micro Flanger - $90 New ->
Boss RV-3 Digital Delay/Reverb - $90 Used ->
MXR 10 Band EQ - $120 New/$70 Used
Fender Strat -> MXR GT-OD -> Lovepedal OD-11 -> MXR Black Label Chorus -> Mesa F-30

Exclusively using V-Picks!
hetfields rig + my stuff
Member of the Schecter Hellraisers
Esp Ltd KH-603, Schecter c-1+ and Epiphone Les Pauls
Carvin amps, Sperzel Trim-Lok, Emg active pickups only, Tonepros bridges.

Ibanez RGT220H (what I currently have - I love it)
PRS Custom 24 (black slate finish)

Bogner Uberschall with a Mesa 4x12 cab
Fender Deluxe Reverb for cleans

Boss DD-6 Delay
Boss RV-3 Delay/Reverb
Ibanez Tubescreamer
Keeley Compressor

That's probably about all I'd need. But I want a lot of other stuff, like an ENGL Powerball, Ibanez RG228, Axe-FX, EHX Memory Man, Vox AC50, Soldano Atomic 16.. I could go on forever..
Music Man JPX 6
Ibanez RGT220H
Fender 50th Anniversary Deluxe Strat
93 Jackson Std Professional (Japan)
03 Gibson LP Special
Alvarez AD60SC

Mesa Single Rectifier/Mesa 4x12 cab
Mesa Transatlantic TA-15
Hughes & Kettner Triplex

Stable of '72 Tele Deluxe style guitars with various pickup/electronics combinations
Original Gibby Firebird V
Taylor 814ce


JTM-45 halfstack (dirt)
'59 Bassman (cleans)
Mesa Dual Rec halfstack (sh!ts and giggles)
Vox AC-30 (same reason as Dual Rec)


JHS Astro Mess fuzz
JHS Sweet Tea overdrive/distortion dual pedal
Diamond Pedals Memory Lane 2
60s Vox Wah
Phase 90
Some kind of chorus
Original TS-808


Full wireles setup
Midi controller for pedals
Lifetime supply of .88 Snarling Dogs Brain Picks
Slides, capos, yeah.
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I have done this long time ago, and I've changed my mind alot

Gibson Les Paul 1959 Original - Drop C tuning
-Pickups: Firebranes - P90s (from: hand made )
-Ernie Ball RPS 10

Fender Stratocaster American Vintage Resissue (1982) - E standard
-Pickups: Seymour Duncan Everything Axe - Singe Coil SET
-Strings: Ernie Ball RPS 9

Music Man BFR 7 String (JP) - D standard
-Pickups: DiMarzio Crunch Lab and DiMarzio Liquifire
-Strings: Ernie Ball Z-Strings Regular

+ an acoustic (BONUS)
Gibson J-160E 70th Anniversary
Strings: Ernie Ball Acoustic Custom

Mesa Boogie Mark IV with four Mesa Boogie 4x12 Cabs (Celestion Vintage 30)
ENGL E656 - Steve Morse with two ENGL 4x12 E 412 Cabs and two Marshall 1960A Cabs (Angled)

Korg DTR-2000 Tuner
Dunlop DCR-2SR rack Wah
DBX 166XL Compressor/Noise Gate
Ibanez TS9DX
Ibanez TS Pro 808
Boss DS-1
Boss TR-2
Boss BF-2
MXR Stereo Chorus
Eventide H7600 Harmonizer
Eventide Timefactor Delay
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Ibanez AD9
Axess Electronics GRX-4 Loop Switcher

That's it I think.. part of John Petrucci's and Steve Morse's equipment with my own flavor on it
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Guitars 62' Sunburst fender stratocaster-rosewood board
69' daphne blue fender stratocaster-maple board
65' sunburst fender telecaster - rosewood board
Prs Custom 24
65' Fender Jaguar w/ rosewood board
STRINGS D'darrio xl 10's
AMPS Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550
Marshall Major 200w
Marshall Jcm 800
Marshall 1960A cab loaded with vintage 30's
Marshall 1960B cab loaded with greenbacks
Ibanez wh-10
Mxr phase 90
Boss ds-2
ehx Big muff
Moog ring mod
Boss dd-3
Hardwire supernatural reverb
Tc Corona CHorus
Holy grail reverb
line 6 mm4
Ibanez ts9
Boss dm-2
mxr micro amp
This is my do-able dream rig. My undoable one is full of Private Stock PRSs, Blackmachines and the like.


Thrash, progressive metal, groove metal, fusion, rock, electric blues


Gibson Explorer, ebony, set up for Eb Standard/Drop Db, using a BKP Nailbomb set
Gibson Les Paul Custom in ebony, E Standard, 490R and 498T
Jackson Demmelition King V in white, C# Standard/Drop B, EMG 81/85
Ibanez RG1570 Prestige in black, set up for B Standard (BEADGBE), with a Crunch Lab and Liquifire
Fender USA Standard Strat, SSS, in Eb/E Standard
Sabre Wraith, tuned to E standard, with a Duncan JB and Jazz set
Guild D50 acoustic, tuned to Eb Standard


Running in stereo

EVH 5150 III running into a Mesa Rectifier 212 cab
Orange Rockerverb 100 MKII running into an Orange PPC212 cab
Marshall 1987 clone


Morley AB-Y pedal
Maxon OD808 TS

Rack Gear

Fractal Axe FX II, running into the Orange and EVH for stereo effects, along with the Fractal MFC101 MIDI foot controller.
Peterson VS-R StroboRack tuner
Furman PS8 power conditioner
Shure PGM14 wireless setup for all guitars
My stuff

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Ibanez ADC120
Tanglewood TGRF VS
Blackstar HT20
Roland Micro Cube
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Gibson Custom 1959 Gold Top LP
Gibson Custom Ebony with chrome hardware
Schecter Custom C-1
Charvel So-Cal Style 1 HH Snow White

Eric Clapton's Blackie, just so that I have it
Jimmy Page's 1959 LP Standard

Mesa Mark V
Diezel Herbert
Engl Special Edition E 670
JCM800 (modded)
Soldano SLO100
Two Rock Overdrive Signature
A Dumble, i have no idea what's available though.. maybe an Overdrive Deluxe? Or maybe just all of them...

A handful of vintage amps that I would never use

An EQ pedal
A harmony pedal
A delay pedal
A wah pedal
An extremely expensive and rare, boutique overdrive pedal
A modded Tubescreamer
(This list is very vague because I'm not all that interested in effects yet)

And yes, most of the items listed are only present because they are insanely expensive. The one's I actually want are in bold.
Custom Ibanez RG 7-string (not sure on specs)
Original '58 Gibson Explorer

Mesa Road King II
Soldano SLO
Splawn-modded JCM800

All the NOS tubes in the world
More speaker/cab combinations than you can shake a stick at
Dunlop Rack Crybaby
Klon for teh status symbolz
Someone with a studio who will record my tone wankery for free
Ibanez UV777 - Carvin TL60 & 727 - Jackson KE3
Splawn QuickRod - Mesa Stiletto & RoadKing - Peavey Ultra+ - Peavey Bandit
Some pedlulz & cabz

7 String Legion
-PRS PS Singlecut
-PRS One
-PRS Mira

-Mesa Boogie 4-channel dual rectifier

Dunno wich yet, but a tuner, a boost, a volume, a wah and an overdrive. Maybe a chorus as well. No reverb, there is one on the amp.
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Not really a dream list when you can only post 3 guitars and 2 amps...I could easily have 6 different guitars listed without even hesitating and at least 5 different amps. And pedals lol the list would be two pages long. But here goes:

-Fender USA Standard Tele
-Fender USA Standard Strat
-Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

-Fender Bassman 4*10 model.
-Fender DRRI

-Sonic Research Turbo Tuner
-CAL Mk 4.23
-Barber Small Fry
-Fulltone 70 Fuzz
-MJM Phantom
-Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret
-Catalinbread Teaser Stallion
-Digitech Jamman Solo
-DLS Rotosim
-BJFE Dyna Red
-EHX Deluxe Memory Man
PRS Swamp Ash Special
Fender American Standard Telecaster
a 60's Fender Strat
Gibson Explorer
Alex Lifeson Signature Les Paul
How do you spell it? Grestch? Chet Atkins signature

Dumble Overdrive Special
EVH 5150 III
Marshall JCM800
Fender Bassman

An Orange 4x12 with Greenbacks
a Mesa Rectifier Cab with crossed V30s and G12h-75s
a Dumble cab

EVH Flager
EVH Phaser
a Digitech Whammy
a nice delay
Big Muff
Mah old crybaby

Yeah, bout it.
Thrash, Death, Traditional, Power, & Progressive Metal, along with Old School Punk.

Strings: Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkys (What I currently use).

Jackson USA King V custom in Snow White (E Standard) (My absolute dream!)
Charvel San Dimas Style 1 Strat in Orange(Eb Standard with EVH D tuner)
Jackson USA SL1 Soloist w/ Skull Yard graphic (D Standard)
Jackson KE2 Kelly in Burnt Cherry Sunburst w/ matching headstock (Eb Standard)

Mesa Boogie Mark V (Got it! )
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier (Blacked out)
Mesa Boogie Royal Atlantic
Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 (For something small & simple)
Marshall JCM800 (Just for fun)
& a bunch of Mesa Straight Traditional 4x12 Cabs (Along with a few Mesa 2x12's and a 1x12).

My dream has always been to be able to just plug in and play without having to mess with pedals. Not even a Tube Screamer or anything. BUT, I wouldn't mind having a Tube Screamer just to have in handy (I know, defeats the purpose of my dream right? ). This is subject to be added to.
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STYLES: blues/rock, Rockabilly, Hard rock.

mesa boogie 5:50+, with 4x12 cab
Fender bassman

Les Paul Custom shop.
Fender custom shop strat - texas special wound pups.
Gretsch 60th anniversary smoke green hollowbody
Gibson 60's tribute SG - Almost the pete townshend SG, only difference being the 60's tribute has TOM, not wraparound bridge, and different magnets in the P90s. differences NOT worth the extra $1000 in price.

Effects: TS9, Lovepedal GEN5 delay (2 of them, for long delay and slapback), OCD overdrive, Polytune tuner, Joe bonamassa Crybaby wah, fuzz face, and octave pedal, Electro Harmonix electric mistress flanger.

strings: either ernie ball 10-52 or ernie ball 11-54, depending on my mood.
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My Style ( a weird mix of punk, grunge, experimental, metal, blues and rock. )

Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH (sunburst)

Fender American Vintage '65 Jazzmaster (sunburst)

Gibson SG Standard Reissue with Maestro VOS (heritage cherry)

Vox AC30HW2X

Fender Super-Sonic 60 Combo

Erine Ball Regular Slinkys

Anything between 1.14 and 3 mm in thickness.

EHX Big Muff Pi (got it!)

T-Rex Multi-Function Gull Wah

ZVex Jonny Octave

EarthQuaker Devices Black Eye Boost

EarthQuaker Devices Dirt Transmitter

Dunlop Way Huge Aqua-Puss
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MIA HSS Strat with a Seymour Duncan Distortion
Gibson Explorer with EMG's

Marshall JCM800
Engl Powerball

Original TS808
Carbon copy delay
Sonic Stomp (don't know if I'll like it or not, but I'd try it)
Fender reverb pan into pedal form
Amt cab emulator
Whatever the best chorus ever is

D'addario 11's with wound 3rd

Big stubby picks (3mm)
RG351DX - Bridge Dragonfire Screamer, Mid+Neck Fender Hot Noiseless
Peavey Valveking 112 - Eminence GB128
AMT E1 > Joyo AC Tone > Dan'o EQ > Shimverb > Digidelay
Styles: Modern rock, pop punk, and a little bit of each of classic rock, country, nu metal, and ___-core

Guitars (screw the rules, I plan to use several different tunings and I also need backup guitars):
Gibson SG Standard (Standard/Drop D) (x2, one for backup)
Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe (black) (Eb/Drop C#)
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 (Amber sunburst) (backup, Eb/Drop C#)
Gibson Flying V (Drop C/D Standard) (x2, one for backup)
Gibson Explorer (Drop B) (x2, one for backup)
PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone (Drop A#) (x2, one for backup)
Ibanez RG7321 (B Standard/Drop A) (x2, one for backup)

2 Mesa Boogie Roadster heads (one for backup)
Mesa Boogie Stiletto 4x12s

Stompboxes/effects (* indicates those on pedalboard. Will use the Mesa's onboard reverb):
Boss TU-3 tuner*
Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tubescreamer
Morley Mark Tremonti wah*
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Rocktron Banshee Talkbox*
Digitech Whammy*
EHX Small Clone chorus
Boss BF-2 flanger (already have, it's actually my dad's)
Boss GE-7 EQ
Boss DD-7 delay (with FS-5U switch on pedalboard for tap tempo)
Boss TR-2 tremelo
MXR EVH Phase 90

Power conditioner (haven't decided on which one)
Sennheiser EW172 G3 wireless (x4)
Tour Supply Multi Selector (used with wireless)
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro
Voodoo Lab GCX Guitar Audio Switcher (will most likely need a second one)
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power (x2, one for pedalboard and other for pedal drawer in rack)

May edit and/or repost should I change my mind.
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Sell your Valvestate to brainless 17 year old for mighty sums of dollars. Purchase a JMP for a pittance from a desperate seller. Masturbate to pictures of yourself and your new, real Marshall. Eternal glory awaits.

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this IS it:

fender squire stratocaster

roland micro cube


enough said. pefect rig for any location, serious awesome tone!!
Looking for any of your spare 12" speakers or electronic components (valves, transformers, anything!) and a Peavey Wolfgang USA. Message me!

I want your broken/unwanted gear, UK only. Message me!
style: melodic death metal, technical death metal


ESP M-II maple, JB/59 swapped for EMG 81/85 C standard
ESP Eclipse II FR Drop B

already have it, Peavey 6505
would maybe want: ENGL Savage 120, 2 Channel Triple Rectifier


Maxon od808
Boss NS-2
MXR 10-band EQ
1997 Ibanez RG550 w/ EMG 81 bridge - C standard
Mesa Rectifier slant 4x12
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Dean ML79F with DiMargio Super Distortion Pickups
Dean Cowboys From Hell

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Laney Ironheart head with 4*12 Celestion
Marshall JCM800

Jim Dunlop Crybaby
MXR Distortion+
MXR Phase 90
MXR Carbon Analog Delay
MXR Micro Chorus
Styles: Rock, hard rock, heavy metal, progressive metal (not that crazy technical Dream Theater stuff, more like sludgy jazz-metal)

Gibson Les Paul Studio, black, with a DiMarzio FRED in the neck and Bareknuckle VHII in the bridge (have it, my favorite guitar, and those pickups are BEAUTIFUL)
Carvin CT7 7-string, transparent purple (with flamed maple, yum), with EMG 707's
G&L ASAT Classic Semi-Hollow, transparent wine-red (probably have to get a custom paint job but whatever) with whatever pickups I find sounding good

Peavey XXX 2x12 combo with (my current amp, has the PERFECT sound for me)
Diezel VH4 (unf)

Cabs: Orange PPC412 (two for the VH4, one as an additional cab for the XXX)

Pedals/Rack gear
KORG Pitchblack, Morley Bad Horsey, Morley Volume Plus, Ibanez TS808, BOSS BD-2, Digitech Turboflange, Red Witch Empress, Red Witch Titan, MXR Carbon Copy

That's pretty much it. I'll probably add a number of effects over time, but for now that's all I think I'd really need. I like to have a lot of effects, but every effect I have gets used rarely but tastefully. Really just colorations for a mostly dry, crunchy-as-tits sound.
Fender 72' Deluxe Tele
Schecter Damian Elite 7
Fender '62 Reissue Jazz Bass (MIJ)
Peavey XXX 212 (back on the East Coast)

Macbook Pro 15" Retina
Logic Pro X 10.0.7
Revalver 4
LePou Amp Sims
Ignite Amp Sims
RedWirez Impulses
Screw the rules, I want three amps, and I'm good with one guitar. Punk and (post)-hardcore.

Some Frankenstein guitar. Basswood body, shaped like a slightly more badass Ibanez RG, no pickguard. String through tune-o-matic. Strat scale length. Ibanez Wizard neck, rosewood fretboard. SD Distortion in the bridge. Two Strat single coils for mid/neck. One volume one tone for single coils. Bridge HB has no knobs. Think that covers everything

For amps:
Vox AC30
Engl Powerball

Not too knowledgeable on pedals but:
Digital Delay
Chorus capable of subtlety
OD for boost
RG351DX - Bridge Dragonfire Screamer, Mid+Neck Fender Hot Noiseless
Peavey Valveking 112 - Eminence GB128
AMT E1 > Joyo AC Tone > Dan'o EQ > Shimverb > Digidelay