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I like it. My friend has always contested that Four Seasons is actually a metal album in disguise. I guess I can show him this and watch him blow his load.
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I really disliked the intro, sorry to say, but I found it really awful. To me it sounded like Dutch hardcore music, which I think is absolutely horrible.

However, once the intro is over, the good stuff starts, and the good stuff is.... GOOD! Really liked it, wish I could be inspired by classical music like this.

The breakdown starts with the same concept from the intro, and again, did not like at all. The parts after that were good. Quite different compared to the part before the breakdown but good.

All in all: Nice job, but the intro.... :P

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That's what the intro does, though. I tried to keep it more or less true to the original version, despite the intro's...rubbishness. =)