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This is the first song I wrote in drop D. Drop D tuning gave me a lot of inspiration, and I am proud of myself, cos this is the first little "project" that I've actually been able to sort of finish. I'm probably going to add some things to it, but for now, I'm really curious to see what you guys think of it. I'm quite new to songwriting, the hardest for me is making riffs connect with each other. So, uhm, what do you guys think of it?

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Also, I am not a drummer :P I'm a guitarist.
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I like it. The drum fill intro was cool, and the main riff is a little bit "standard" but cool nonetheless. The next section was also good, but it was a little bit repetative. Maybe with vocals it'd be different, but I dunno, the variating harmonics and tremolo parts just didn't keep it that interesting for me.

I like the next part a lot (the arpeggios at bar 37). Nice, dissonant chords that still sound catchy. It's a little obvious at times in this section that you're not an experienced drummer, but it's still passable.

I think it could use another section. Maybe a big slow chorus or a solo or something? It's basically just an A-B-A structure just now which is a little bit boring. Although again, vocals could change that.

For a first finished song though, it's great. Very solid start.

EDIT: Also, that part you said about struggling to get riffs that go together, everyone has that problem, you'll get better at it in time. Just don't feel you have to use every riff you write, and don't try to write riffs that are too similar. Instead just wait til you have some riffs in the same key and work on transition parts. In time you'll be able to write whole songs with riffs that fit seamlessly, it just takes practise.


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I'm really Dutch.
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Thanks for your feedback mate! I gave this version to my drummer and he put some real drums under it, does make it sound better.

In my mind I imagine this song with a lot of emphasis on the vocals - which is why I didn't want to elaborate on the guitar parts too much. Though I can imagine that it sounds a little bit too much of the same thing every now and then, in my mind it sounds good. However, I am planning on adding some more lead guitar parts - little fills here and there. Anyway, thank you very much Asator your feedback is appreciated!
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Well honestly, I thought the instruments alone were pretty boring until the interlude. HOWEVER, this song would be fine with the vocals so my last sentence is completely irrelevant.

The riffs sounded good. I liked the sound of the riffs, without the midi sound they would be much better. It was good, heavy and the overall feel of the music conveyed a very strong message. That message being, it was catchy and vocal oriented.

I'm sorry that I don't have really much to say. It was good, just maybe throw in a solo? Like the great Chuck Berry once said, "Rock ain't got no roll without a solo".

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I really liked this piece. The main riff had a really nice driving rhythm to it. I'm sure with vocals in there it'd sound great. I think the middle section, from bars 37 to 61, I reckon you've got some space to throw a solo in there. And the ending to me sounded alright, but I think it could do with some drums to round everything off nicely.